2017 ASPSU elections results are in

Candace Avalos (left) reads the results of the ASPSU Election 2017, which was streamed live at Simon Benson House. Credit: Andrew D. Jankowski/pscp.tv/psuvanguard/

Just after 1 p.m. today, Associated Students of Portland State announced election results for leaders to serve in student government for the 2017–18 academic year. Students and staff gathered at PSU’s Simon Benson House for the announcement.

ASPSU 2017–18

President: Brent Finkbeiner

Vice President: Donald Thompson III

Senators: Alex Herrera, Luis Balderas Villagrana, Jocelyn Rodriguez, Sabrina Stitt, Zia Laboff, Katie Kennedy, Catherine Everett, Lihn Le, Zoe Stuckless, Cuautli Verastegui, Emily Korte, Nikolas Hash, Hakan Kutgun, Liela Forbes, Josephine Claus, Brenton Davis

Student Fee Committee Members: Violet Gibson, Suwadu Jallow, Patrick Meadors, Nhi Dao, Amber Hastings, Andy Mayer

15 NOW Referendum: Passed 1113–256

Visit ASPSU’s site for more information.




  1. Zoe Stuckless threatened invited speaker Chadwick Moore on April 28th in SMSU with physical violence in full view of the entire audience, saying that she and her friends could attack the speaker. I’m glad she is now a part of student government.


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