(Left to right) Tyler and Kenji playing next to their mother, Yoko Sakurauchi, Education Graduate, as she grades exams in the Resource Center for Students with Children. Photo by: Corinna Scott

It’s never too late

Something heavy has been weighing on me since I transferred to Portland State, and I’ve decided it’s time to finally…
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© Vogue

The Kardashian conundrum

How much do you care about Kim and Kanye? Anna Wintour, the editor of American Vogue, seems to think that…
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Illustration by Christopher Peralta

Pizza and pandering

On his annual post-Oscars special, Jimmy Kimmel did one of his hilarious “Lie Witness News” segments where he asked people…
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Departure's outdoor seating offers an impressive view of the Portland cityscape. Photo by Alex Hernandez

Happy hours in the sky

You might not immediately consider Portland a swanky or glamorous city, but downtown has its fair share of elegance. Whether…
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Though it has roots as an old industrial sector, developers have renovated the Pearl District into a hip, clean space filled with restaurants and artistic spaces. Photo by Miles Sanguinetti

Pearls of the Pearl

When I first moved to Portland—my merchandising job had transferred me from California—my new boss escorted me to the Safeway…
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Downtown food carts (10th and Alder)

El Taco Yucateco El Taco Yucateco specializes in Yucatan cuisine, which is not your typical Mexican food selection. They’re especially…
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Separating the art from the artist

A staggering number of articles on the Woody Allen pedophilia debacle have been spewed across the internet since Allen’s adopted…
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In memoriam: Philip Seymour Hoffman

If you love film, theater or great performances in general, then no one needs to explain to you the enormous…
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Photo by Alex Hernandez

Going uncut: It’s humane and European

I don’t have brothers or sons, and I certainly don’t have a penis, so I recognize that I may not…
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Oregon is among the states that have expanded medicaid in recent history, but the other half of the country still lags behind. Photo by Miles Sanguinetti

My so-called medical emergency: the big pros of Medicaid expansion

It was the middle of the night on Wednesday, week one of the term. I was dreaming that a stranger…
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Illustration by Rachel Bentz

Bedroom body image: are women doomed?

I was working an office job a few years ago when there was a minor excitement over two co-workers openly…
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