The trials of an organic farmer

Being a small fish in a big pond

Picture an 85-acre organic farm somewhere in Southern California, nestled between hundreds of acres of corporate oranges and avocados.

Romney’s slash ’n’ smash economics

The budget that would kill the budget

Unfortunately for the government, taxes are extremely unpopular. Especially among those whom said taxes least benefit: the extremely wealthy and corporations.

This ever-relevant fact is the heart of Mitt Romney’s campaign platform, and his raison d’etre on the Republican ticket. His tax-slashing budget outline offers up an economic plan that tries to be as little of one as possible.


Get up close

Live performances keep us human in an era defined by machines

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to forget there’s a real world out there. What with the daily routine of work, home and school, we spend 75 percent of our waking lives as slaves to our careers and futures, and much of the other 25 percent glued to some screen or other.


Plastic: Is it really as bad as we think?

How plastics could be the key to a more sustainable future

We’ve all been faced with the fatal question: Paper or plastic? At the checkout counter of nearly every major grocery store in the U.S., shoppers are presented with a choice between two types of shopping bag. And the debate over which is the better option continues to plague proponents on either side of the aisle.