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Marissa James receives an Art History Award for her paper on 'Isabella Clara Eugenia: Representing the Virtues of Female Monarchy' . Photo by: Alex Hernandez

Art History Awards Celebration honors student scholarship

In a packed celebration featuring gifts and prizes recognizing outstanding student scholarship, the Portland State School of Art and Design awarded students of art history on May 16. Students were…
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DJ Coast2C performing at a Chicano week event in Smith Memorial Student Union. Photo by: Alex Hernandez

PSU’s MEChA organizes week of Chicano awareness

The Portland State chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, a national student group representing Latinos in the Chicano movement, wrapped up its yearly Chicano Week on Friday, May 23…
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Trimet Bus 20 route to Pittock Mansion. Photo by: Alex Hernandez

Getting there on public transit

Going outside? Help cut CO2 emissions and avoid paying for gas by using public transportation! Whether you’re sick of your car breaking down, want to avoid dealing with traffic or…
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Boxer Ramen, located on Southwest Stark between 10th and 11th. Photo by: Alex Hernandez

Boxer Ramen’s really really good ramen

Three easy steps for your ramen enjoyment: Step 1: Go to Boxer Ramen. Step 2: Order ramen at Boxer Ramen. Step 3: Enjoy ramen. These three steps, like Boxer Ramen itself—simple…
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© Miramax Films

The Mad Romance of Leos Carax

The films of French filmmaker Leos Carax will be screening May 23 to June 1 at the Northwest Film Center. The series, entitled Mad Romance: The Films of Leos Carax,…
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Revolution Coffee House owner, Maria Garcia. Photo by: Alex Hernandez

A little bit of Mexico

Revolución Coffee House, a new coffee shop that opened in March on Southwest Clay and Sixth Avenue near the Portland State campus, offers authentic and traditional Mexican drinks and cuisine…
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© Magnolia Pictures

Lars Von Trier’s satanic gospel, ‘Nymphomaniac’

Shortly into the first part of Lars Von Trier’s art house opus Nymphomaniac, which is now playing in its entirety at the Hollywood Theatre, Cinema 21 and the Laurelhurst Theater,…
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Magic Mouth performing at KSPU second annual KPSU Kruise, the final event of the three-week Radio Revival fundraiser. Photo by: Alex Hernandez

KPSU gets AMPED for FM

Last week, Portland State’s student-run radio station KPSU completed its fundraising drive, AMP KPSU. The drive, which ran March 31–April 20, featured a series of programs and events designed to…
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The trials of an organic farmer

Being a small fish in a big pond

Picture an 85-acre organic farm somewhere in Southern California, nestled between hundreds of acres of corporate oranges and avocados.

Romney’s slash ’n’ smash economics

The budget that would kill the budget

Unfortunately for the government, taxes are extremely unpopular. Especially among those whom said taxes least benefit: the extremely wealthy and corporations.

This ever-relevant fact is the heart of Mitt Romney’s campaign platform, and his raison d’etre on the Republican ticket. His tax-slashing budget outline offers up an economic plan that tries to be as little of one as possible.


Get up close

Live performances keep us human in an era defined by machines

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to forget there’s a real world out there. What with the daily routine of work, home and school, we spend 75 percent of our waking lives as slaves to our careers and futures, and much of the other 25 percent glued to some screen or other.