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PSU's own Dr. Peter Boghossian accompanied Richard Dawkins at the event.
Photo by Jinyi Qi

An appetite for Richard Dawkins

Can religion and science truly co-exist? According to Richard Dawkins, the answer is no. The critically acclaimed scientist and author visited Portland State on Friday while promoting his new autobiography,…
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Looming strike could coincide with start of fall term

To strike, or not to strike? That is the question for Service Employees International Union, as bargaining agreements with Oregon University System for a new contract continue without arriving at…
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SHAC 101

For many Portland State students, investigating the Center for Student Health and Counseling, and the details of the Student Health Insurance Plan, may feel a bit cumbersome—especially when faced with the demands of coursework and other life issues. But just like obtaining a good grade in class, knowing how to make best use of your health services requires doing some homework.


Show provides platform for intimate storytelling

Who doesn’t have a unique sex story they’ve been dying to tell?For more than a year now, a storytelling series called the Mystery Box Show has provided a platform for Portlanders to craft and share their personal tales of sexual misadventure. Some stories are tragic, many others are embarrassingly funny, but the series creator aims to show audiences that stories centered around genitalia can actually come from the heart.


PSU’s Diversity Action Plan proving difficult to define

Can diversity really be defined? Portland State is giving it a try by developing a Diversity Action Plan. While the plan’s stated goal is to be inclusive of everyone, some people are feeling left out.


Community abuzz over craft brewing certificate at PSU

Who says a thirst for knowledge and a thirst for good beer are mutually exclusive? Portland State has chosen to legitimize the relationship between college and beer with a new Business of Craft Brewing online program, which was announced in March and begins this fall. A growing wait-list—and an impressive turnout at a business briefing at The Commons Brewery last week—shows that the program is already a big hit.


Engineering students control space experiments from PSU

Portland State engineering students are boldly controlling experiments where few students have experimented before: aboard the International Space Station.


A new vision for University Place Hotel

University Place Hotel may soon be forced to close its doors. A new market study and development strategy will help Portland State decide how soon that will be.


SBA receives $250K donation

At Portland State, business is booming—the School of Business Administration, that is. With a nationally recognized Master of Business Administration program and enrollment numbers hitting record highs, space inside Portland State’s SBA building is getting tight, and the building is in line for a major renovation. Luckily, the future of the SBA program and its students got a little brighter with a $250,000 donation from Tektronix last week.


Freshly elected ASPSU president promotes change

As spring gave way to summer term, Associated Students of Portland State University President Harris Foster and his executive members assembled for their first executive meeting on Wednesday, June 19, to discuss where they’ve been and where they’re going.


Heavy film enlightens viewers’ minds and hearts

Portland State’s special screening of the film Girl Rising on Saturday provided attendees with nourishment, enlightenment and a chance to enact change in their community.