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Brain Food

Video games and comic books were invented decades apart, but they seem like they were made for each other. There … Continue reading Brain Food

The original sleeve release of Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby. © RCA Victor Records

Kringle jingles

By now you’ve probably heard a Christmas song or two playing overhead on a grocery store trip. The typical bland … Continue reading Kringle jingles

A scanned copy of a limited edition of "No Way Out" Francesco Francavilla brings us The Black Beetle  © Dark Horse Comics

Pulp Infliction

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Not many these days. Save the brief blip that was … Continue reading Pulp Infliction

"Adventures in Depression" is one of comics contained within the collection.
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All the things, considered

Not many people can say that they’ve influenced an entire section of the internet. Local cartoonist Allie Brosh is known … Continue reading All the things, considered

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Thin Blue Lines

For years, Portland’s Top Shelf Productions has continued to publish unique autobiographical comics. Earlier this year, the Vanguard reviewed Jeffery … Continue reading Thin Blue Lines


The evil of the chiller

It’s about that time. The days are getting shorter. The sky is getting darker. The weather is getting colder. Just … Continue reading The evil of the chiller

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A new hope for Star Wars

Star Wars might have the biggest expanded universe of any franchise. With so many books and video games, it’s tough … Continue reading A new hope for Star Wars

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The Bridge City beat

When it comes to comic books, it doesn’t get more Portland than Stumptown. Set in Portland, published by Portland’s Oni … Continue reading The Bridge City beat

Eisner's Fagin The Jew was re released by Dark Horse for the graphic novel's tenth anniversary  
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Classic classism

Will Eisner isn’t a household name, but when it comes to comics, he should be at least as ubiquitous as … Continue reading Classic classism


Interdimensional man of mystery

Still one of the most popular mysteries in recent memory, the infamous (and unidentified) D.B. Cooper, who hijacked a Boeing 727 and subsequently disappeared, has fueled conspiracy theories for decades.


Faith and fatherhood in graphic form

From beginning writing classes to novelist question-and-answer sessions, one of the most common pieces of advice given to writers is to “write what you know.” It explains why so many authors choose to write about themselves. What does one know better than oneself?