Block Talk


Every week, the Vanguard interviews members of the Portland State community in the Park Blocks and asks them a timely question. This week’s question:

“What are the top three issues that will influence your voting this November?”

Post-baccalaureate speech major Meghan Peters, 27, cited human rights, environmental issues and food and gas prices. “As far as human rights go, marriage is a big one. I’m definitely for gay marriage, so someone who can make it possible, I’d go for that,” Peters said. “Someone who can help lower the cost of food and gas, or finding a better solution, and who’s more environmentally friendly.”

Senior biochemistry major Alex Knapton, 24, named the environment, economy and issues with women’s rights involving birth control and abortion. “It seems like Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the women voters. Last time I checked with him, he and Paul Ryan, they keep on redefining what rape is, which seems awkward,” Knapton said. “They also said they want to make abortion illegal again, which surprises me.”

Junior history major Amelia Nordlund, 24, listed fiscal policy, educational budget and women’s rights as the three issues that will sway her vote. “Fiscal policy is important, and trying to dictate when we’re going to spend money and how we’re going to spend money. There’re a lot of problems with schools that are underfunded,” Pearson said. “And women’s rights, as far as keeping government out of my rights.”

Freshman business marketing major Austin Chan, 18, listed economic issues, business development and other plans for improving the economy. “As a country, I believe the rich are getting richer, and I want to see how [President] Barack Obama would change this issue,” Chan said. “Later on in my career, I want to be a business owner, and I hope he finds new ways for me as a business owner to get opportunities for my employees.”

Junior psychology major Jacob Cox, 22, named the economy, wars and social justice issues involving gay rights as his three voting influences. “One of my issues would be what everyone else has said this election, and that’s the economy: where it’s heading and where each candidate plans to take it,” Cox said. “I want to know if we’re getting out of our foreign wars and basically what [role] each candidate believes the U.S. should be playing around the world.”



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