Fresh and fruity chicken salad

A juicy lunch that’s fun to munch
Just in time for sunny park picnics, this chicken salad is the perfect cool lunch for warm afternoons. The succulent cantaloupe halves and grapes add a sweet and delicious punch to traditional chicken salad, while sliced almonds bring a snappy crunch to the mix. It’s a quick dish that can be made well beforehand and stored in your fridge until lunchtime.

Snapshots of success

PSU students’ community involvement captured in Oregon is Our Classroom photo exhibitions
Something new has taken over the second floors of both the Smith Memorial Student Union and the Academic and Student Rec Center that shows how Portland State students take their education out into the community.

Un-framing art

Mary Jane Jacob asks essential questions about social practice and public art
We tend to think of enjoying art as an experience that involves simply looking at things: at a painting that hangs on a museum wall, perhaps, or a statue in a park. But Mary Jane Jacob, a professor and executive director of the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition program, argues that art involves so much more than this.

Funny Games points the finger at us

Michael Haneke’s meta-commentary of media violence isn’t ‘ha-ha’ funny
To write about Funny Games is to give it away, but write I must. The name Michael Haneke may clue you in to the fact that what you are about to watch is neither straightforward nor simple.

Japanese dance embodies local lives

Documentary The Local Culture Project captures Portland dance group’s art and life explorations
On the outskirts of North Portland, the Headwaters Theatre stands tucked against a stretch of rail yard on the edge of the Piedmont District. Here, the theater’s founder, Mizu Desierto, often plays host to contemporary art and dance originating locally and abroad.

Kula’s Korner

Your guide to the weekend’s hottest music shows

The original Portland Occupiers

This Friday’s The Seventh Day documentary screening depicts Park Blocks Riot of 1970
On Monday, May 11, 1970, Portland State students had been on strike for nearly a week. The campus had been closed since the previous Thursday, and the mayor, the commissioner of parks, Gov. Tom McCall and the citizenry were running out of patience.

Sound advice

Independent filmmaker, sound production expert Kelley Baker to promote his latest book at Northwest Film Center
For a man regularly referred to as “The Angry Filmmaker,” Kelley Baker is surprisingly mild and friendly. Baker will offer filmmaking advice and sign copies of his newest book, Survival Guide Part Two: Sound Conversations with (un)Sound People, at the Northwest Film Center tomorrow evening.

Joseph Beuys made it cool to be German again

Portland Art Museum displays the artwork of post-World War II artist Joseph Beuys in ongoing exhibition
The Portland Art Museum presents the work of mid-20th century artist Joseph Beuys, whose installation props express his appreciation of nature and Germany’s ancient past and traditions. It will be on view through Sunday, May 27, so it’s not too late to check it out.

Tomb raider

Egyptologist Nigel Strudwick to lecture at PSU about 20-year excavation
From the architectural marvels like the Great Sphinx and the pyramids to the ancient tomb of the child-king Tutankhamen, ancient Egypt has long captured the world’s imagination.

Sacred language

PSU’s Kanaan Kanaan hosts Arabic calligraphy workshop to raise awareness of Islamic culture
Kanaan Kanaan, a Portland State Middle East Studies student adviser, was named after the Canaanites, who were among the earliest inhabitants of the ancient Middle East and, therefore, among the earliest influences on the Arabic language. In the wake of 9/11, Kanaan has used Arabic to communicate positive elements of Islamic culture.


Arts & Culture

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