Curried tomato lentils

A savory stew for two
Sometimes it’s nice to have a home-cooked meal that can be whipped up with hardly any effort. If you’re too busy studying to spend time in the kitchen, this recipe is easy to throw together and leave to stew. Curried tomato lentils are a fragrant and savory dish that require little supervision.

Junkyard Empire

An interview with politically savvy PSU student and musician Christopher Cox
As political unrest spreads throughout the U.S., most of our country’s musical resources are tied up in trying to forget. A precious few bands, however, remind music consumers why they should be politically aware

Modern-day nomads

Pioneer Place gallery displays PSU students’ exhibition Toward a Nomadic Architecture
The common conception of architecture is “iconic, static,” according to assistant professor Nora Wendl of the Portland State Architecture Department. Who, after all, doesn’t think of great monolithic marvels, like New York City’s Empire State Building or the Pantheon of Rome, when envisioning the craft of architecture?

Be like bamboo: flexible but with integrity

Bamboo scholar Ned Jaquith to speak at PSU
Ned Jaquith’s Bamboo Garden Nursery is an emerald grove of gently nodding exotic grasses that stretch up to 40 feet tall.

Finding music in unlikely places

PSU Percussion Ensemble remembers American composer John Cage
“Ready?” asks Jeffrey Peyton, acting director of percussion studies and music faculty, to the six percussion students standing expectantly before him.

Metal Messiah: Born Again Sage

Nick Wells writes, directs and stars in the locally made, DIY-style comedy Metal Messiah: Born Again Sage.

Fresh fruit salsa and sweet chips

A sweet take on a classic snack
Chips and salsa is a go-to dish for any party. It’s fresh, vegetarian friendly and great for snacking. But why not give your next gathering a twist with fresh fruit salsa and sweet cinnamon chips? It’s simple to prepare and every bit as crunchy and delicious.
Alain Delon stars as Rocco.

Love in a Japanese internment camp

An exclusive Q-and-A with Kristina McMorris, author of Bridge of Scarlet Leaves
Kristina McMorris, a prolific women’s fiction author, is an unfailingly nice person. Not only did she pick me up from the MAX station with her two gregarious sons in tow; she served me some hot coffee and gave me a copy of her new book, Bridge of Scarlet Leaves, which is being released today by Kensington Books.

A wee musical

PSU Dept. of Theatre and Film presents the commonly misunderstood Urinetown: The Musical
This Friday, the outlandishly titled Urinetown: The Musical opens at Portland State in the Lincoln Hall main stage. The play, written in 2001 by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis, tells the story of a town where a greedy corporation has started charging the town’s citizens to use its bathrooms.

Let knowledge serve the city

PSU senior capstone course seeks to raise awareness of homelessness with Know Your Neighbors art gallery
Want to check out an art showcase that addresses social concern? On Thursday, March 1, Portland State students, local artists and Bud Clark Commons residents will present Know Your Neighbors, an art exhibition that aims to open up a dialogue about homelessness within Portland’s community.

Donate a book, feed a mind!

A PSU capstone course organizes book drive for at-risk girls’ underfunded public school
Many people remember their first trip to the library. The books stacked row upon row, that feeling of independence when you learned to use the card catalog and the pleasure of bringing a book of your choice home for the very first time.


Arts & Culture

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