Memories of the killing fields

Public humanities film and panel discussion of Cambodian genocide promises to be emotional, historic
In 1969, President Richard Nixon ordered the clandestine bombing of suspected Viet Cong supply routes in Cambodia. That campaign of U.S. aggression continued until 1973, killing an estimated 100,000 Cambodians, and fostered the overthrow of Lon Nol’s pro-American government by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

The health of nations

PSU student featured in film, panel discussion on Canada’s single-payer healthcare system
Never mind the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009: There are still many people out there advocating for a universal, single-payer healthcare system.

Small films, big dreams

Visuals Film Festival showcases talent of PSU students and greater Portland community
This Friday, Portland State’s 5th Avenue Cinema is holding its 10th annual Visuals Film Festival, in which university and community filmmakers showcase their work for the public.

Anime all the way

Northwest Film Center festival honors films of Studio Ghibli
Portland film geeks of all ages are in for a rare treat this month. Beginning Friday, the Northwest Film Center is celebrating Studio Ghibli by screening 13 films from Japan’s most famous and critically acclaimed animation studio.

Reaching across the continents

Final installment of First Saturday Lecture Series to feature pre-modern Chinese history expert
Every first Saturday since September 2011, students, staff, volunteers and Portland residents have gathered to learn about East Asian culture.

The green mind

Sustainability documentary A l’an vert to premiere at PSU
“There are people in another country who are turning their ideas into practical actions,” said Annabelle Dolidon, a professor of French at Portland State.

A fresh look at food

Filmmaker and FoodCorps co-founder Curt Ellis to discuss nutrition and community involvement at Portland State
Imagine a U.S. agribusiness that promotes environmental sustainability while providing nutritious, locally grown food to schoolchildren. Sound too good to be true? Not to sustainability activist and FoodCorps co-founder Curt Ellis, whose 2007 documentary King Corn will screen at Portland State Thursday, followed by a lecture by Ellis himself, titled “Growing Forward: A New Vision for Food and Farming in America.”

Magic and mayhem

Spectacular entertainment from final installment in PSU’s Korean Film Festival
Gods and goblins and fireball-hurlin’ wizards…need I say more? Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard (2009) features all of this good stuff, and Portland State students will have an opportunity to enjoy it on the big screen.

Kula’s corner

A roundup of this weekend’s hottest Portland shows
Wild Flag, The Thermals, Ema Yeah yeah, The Thermals. They’re all right and everything, but the real star of this show at the Crystal Ballroom are white-hot newcomers Wild Flag.

‘Jedi Masters, Karate Kids and Kung Fu Pandas’

The Portland Canter for Public Humanities presents a lecture by guest speaker Jane Iwamura titled “Jedi Masters, Karate Kids and Kung Fu Pandas: Reimagining American Religions for a New Generation.” The lecture will take place Thursday, May 4, at 7 p.m. in Smith Memorial Student Union.

Let it wub

Datsik’s Vitamin D earns its name, academically speaking
Let’s not split hairs here: Datsik is a heavy hitter of the most reviled genre on earth right now: dubstep. Although movie trailers have recently been filled with the stuff, the days of dubstep’s widespread mainstream integration seem long gone.


Arts & Culture

A crowdsourced list of literature for the new alum

With graduation looming around the corner, many Portland State grads will find themselves with extra down time. Not to worry, though! C.J. has you...


The divide between art and science

Educational funding in this country has always come with a narrative: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) is in crisis, and that’s what we hear...