Info wars: Lawrence Pintak cuts through the hype of social media’s role in the Arab Spring.

The spring of Arab discontent

Washington State dean discusses the role of media in Middle East uprisings
Let’s say you are a young person between the ages of 15 and 29 living in Egypt, Tunisia or Algeria: There is a 27, 31 and 43 percent chance, respectively, that you hold a job. “Take that view, that reality, and then layer on the idea that the government is an autocratic government. You have no voice in politics, you have essentially no right to vote and you have no control over the direction of the country,” said Lawrence Pintak, founding dean of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. “You end up with not just frustration but anger that moves into activism.”

Art of the female form

Exhibition of late artist Robert Hanson opens at Portland Art Museum
A room full of people, sitting, standing, watching and waiting. This tableau describes the scene at the ongoing exhibition, APEX: Robert Hanson, at the Portland Art Museum, which opened Jan. 7. The exhibition is part of the museum’s APEX series, which features artists based in the Pacific Northwest. The exhibition consists of 37 pieces by artist Robert Hanson, all of which are sparse drawings of female models. They are small by museum standards, measuring 12-by-9 inches, and are very simple.

The community of books

Documentary Shelf Life explores a day at Powell’s Bookstore
Shelf Life is a documentary created by producers Jennifer Sass and Lisa Day in 2011 about Powell’s Bookstore. The film, which will be played by the Northwest Film Center at the Portland Art Museum Jan. 12, begins when the store opens, ends when the store closes and captures everything that happens in between.

Scholar of the Steinway

Local pianist David Rothman to bring Chopin, Liszt to Portland State
If Frédéric François Chopin has been called the poet of the piano, then Portland pianist David Rothman could be described as its scholar. His approach to learning and performing the works of the 19th century Polish composer is comprehensive and methodical. His technique is thoughtful and precise, with unassuming poise and keystrokes that sound like whispers against the ivory.

Immunity smoothie

Give your health an Emergen-C boost during winter term
As winter quarter begins, staying healthy is perhaps the biggest obstacle we face as students. Upon returning to campus, we are exposed to cold weather and reacquainted with the germs of our fellow classmates (much of the Vanguard staff, by the way, is currently sniffling and sneezing away the season).

And the nominees are…

The 2012 Golden Globe Awards provide stiff competition for industry veterans
It’s that time of year again. The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards, to be hosted by Ricky Gervais Sunday, Jan. 15, will help ring in the New Year. Unlike the Oscars or the Emmys, the Globes bring together TV personalities and movie stars alike in a celebration of media entertainment. The nominations were announced Dec. 15.

Hello, Norma Jeane

In a theater auditorium of approximately 170 seats, I was one of four audience members at a 6:40 p.m. showing of My Week with Marilyn. This has less to do with the quality of the film than with its artistry and the miniscule amount of ad time it received on television and in cinemas. Let it be known, however, that with this film director Simon Curtis delivers the best work of his career—primarily composed of TV movies and mini-series—and blends just the right amount of humor and heart. The film is based on a piece of nonfiction of the same name, and the entire production emanates a sense of class.
Artist at work: Robin Corbo colors in a new piece in the Autzen Gallery.

The marvelous muralist

Robin Corbo’s One Million Brush Strokes shows what is involved in the making of a mural
Robin Corbo, a Portland State Master of Fine Arts graduate, is known around Portland for her public murals, which grace the exteriors of many buildings around the city, from North Portland’s Mississippi Records to the recently completed mural in Southeast for Bark, a group that advocates for the protection of the Mt. Hood National Forest. Her exhibition One Million Brush Strokes: The Scholarship of Making Murals, opening at PSU’s Autzen Gallery Nov. 28, is her MFA graduation thesis. “The idea of the exhibition is to showcase the process of making murals,” Corbo said.
Rising voices: The PSU Man Choir rehearses for its upcoming winter-themed concert.

Songs of snowflakes and selflessness

Portland State’s Winter’s Voice concert promises to warm your heart during the cold season
Three Portland State choirs will sing songs of snow in the Winter’s Voice concert, to be held Friday, Dec. 2, at the First Congregational Church The PSU Chamber Choir, Man Choir and Women’s Choir (a.k.a. Vox Femina) will perform pieces from Bach, Debussy and other composers, all themed to greet the changing season.
Egypt’s 99 percent: The restive Egyptian population may have a rough road ahead of them in the aftermath of political upheaval.

The future of Egypt

Egyptian PSU professor to give talk, provide insight into state of nation
Any avid follower of geopolitical events has likely asked the question: What does the future hold for Egypt? “No one knows, and this is what I will try to address, even though it may sound like I’m reading a crystal ball,” said Nohad A. Toulan, Dean Emeritus of Portland State’s College of Urban and Public Affairs.

Christmas party in a box!

A get-together that’s as exciting as the season it celebrates
We’ve all been in that awkward position. All of sudden, your friends are relying on you to not only throw a last-minute holiday party but to entertain them as well. Luckily, throwing said last-minute party is not as daunting as it seems. You only need a few key elements: atmosphere, food, drinks and games. Best of all, these things can fit into a box.


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