Palestinian rap hits Portland

Middle East Studies Center presents documentary, concert
The documentary Slingshot Hip Hop (2008) will be shown at the Salmon Street Studio tomorrow evening. The screening is the latest in Portland State’s Middle East Studies Center film series. Following the event will be an actual performance by the documentary’s subject, the rap group DAM, which is free and open to all ages.
Transfixed by 2 for 1A student canvasses the student-made art in the Autzen Gallery’s 2 for 1 exhibition.

Two shows in one

Friends of Graphic Design’s exhibitions combine art in new ways
Portland State’s Friends of Graphic Design team is currently hosting displays in two art galleries, which will be featured today through Nov. 22. The event will be split into two gallery exhibitions titled 2 for 1 and Life Long Work Month. Both galleries challenge the student artists involved by imposing certain limitations on their work. 2 for 1 will be held in the Autzen Gallery, located on the second floor of Neuberger Hall, and consists of several pieces limited to two colors of each designers’ choice

Burning to create

PSU’s Elise Wagner’s abstract science-based art gaining national recognition
When I met Elise Wagner, she was working her nine-to-five job as the language requirements specialist and office coordinator on the fourth floor of Neuberger Hall. She excused herself to a co-worker, and we found a quiet place to talk. “I’m in my day job, and nobody knows who I am,” Wagner said. When she’s not working at Portland State, Wagner creates celebrated contemporary abstract art from her North Portland studio using a technique known as encaustic.

Mozart lives!

The great composer’s The Marriage of Figaro opens at Portland Opera Nov. 4
Tomorrow marks the opening of the Portland Opera’s latest production, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. The opera, based on a stage comedy written by Pierre Beaumarchais, is widely considered to be one of Mozart’s finest works and has been performed all over the world since its premiere in 1786.

Shakespeare as charlatan

Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous delivers an alternative account of the Bard’s identity
Roland Emmerich’s films (Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) always portray one thing: disaster. There is a difference between watching a disaster film and bearing witness to an actual disaster. Sometimes, as in the case of Independence Day, the general chaos makes for a pretty memorable film. But more often than not in Emmerich’s work, the audience senses the impending, apocalyptic doom, not for the characters but for themselves.

Quick squash quiche

The happy marriage between eggs and pie
A quiche is perfect for any meal. Part egg dish, part pie, it’s a whole lot of deliciousness combined into one simple entree. It’s easy to make and just as easy to experiment with by adding or subtracting different ingredients. It’s great for reheating as a fast breakfast in the morning or featured as a main course for dinner—and with a short list of cheap ingredients, it’s your best option for making your friends a faux-fancy French meal.
Deathly hallows: Professor and artist Dong-Lin Chung’s Korea-based works of etching and watercolor are inspired by ancient Goguryeo tomb paintings.

East meets West in etching and watercolor

South Korean professor’s The Joy of Prints exhibits her past in Korea and her present in Oregon
The Eastern and Western worlds come together in the artwork of South Korean professor Dong-Lim Chung, whose exhibit, The Joy of Prints, is now on display in the Portland State MK Gallery. “I remember thinking: ‘How can I translate the strong impression from the scenery?’” Chung said, reflecting on her first visit to Multnomah Falls just days after her arrival to Oregon in February. “I wanted to express the emotional feeling by using colorful media.”
Truth in jest: Ralf Huettner’s Vincent Wants to Sea is a light human comedy about serious disabilities.

Triumph of the witty

The Northwest Film Center’s new German cinema series begins with quirky indie Vincent Wants to Sea
When we think of German cinema, many of us imagine films too dark or strange for mainstream American audiences. From the brilliantly overwrought visuals of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, to the dream-like insanity of Werner Herzog’s films, German directors have staked out territory far from American aesthetics. The Northwest Film Center, in partnership with Zeitgeist Northwest, opens its new German cinema series Friday with the award-winning 2010 comedic drama Vincent Wants to Sea.

Lands of opportunity

Japanese guest to speak at Portland State on cross-cultural business partnerships between the U.S. and Japan
For two years, Portland State’s Center for Japanese Studies has presented a speaker series focusing on Americans who have set up profitable businesses in Japan. The next talk, to be held Thursday, will be the opposite: “Japanese Success Stories in Doing Business in Oregon: The Case of Ajinomoto,” featuring Haruo Kurata, senior vice president of Ajinomoto Frozen Foods USA. Ajinomoto sells Asian frozen foods in the U.S., such as fried rice and pot stickers.

Sex, truth and theater

Bestselling author of Sex at Dawn to discuss the science of monogamy and infidelity at the Bagdad Theater
A recent surge in media attention centers on the scientific construction of infidelity and monogamy. Why do we do it? What is the function of love in an evolutionary context? What are alternatives to long-term, single-partner relationships, and are they the solution to infidelity? One book that addresses these questions is the New York Times bestseller Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha.

Anamanaguchi hits Branx

Four-piece chiptunes band employs Nintendo Entertainment System for a musical blast from the past
Two of the biggest players in the contemporary “chiptunes” scene are coming to Portland tomorrow night to drop a 20-megaton nostalgia bomb. Anamanaguchi are arguably the current kings of this relatively obscure genre, but in order for this to sound impressive, you must know the brief roots of chiptunes, which go back a lot further than you might think.


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