Sprites in training: Nancy Davis’s Portland Ballet class rehearses for their fantastical foray into the realm of Fairyland.

Midsummer in autumn

Portland Ballet and Portland State Orchestra team up to produce the theatrical lovechild of Shakespeare and Mendelssohn
While other ballet companies are rehearsing for their traditional holiday shows like The Nutcracker, the Portland Ballet is doing something a little different. On Friday, Nov. 25, the Portland Ballet—the city’s leading youth ballet company—will hold the world premiere of choreographer John Clifford’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The award-winning Portland State Orchestra, under the direction of Ken Selden, will accompany the show. Selden’s orchestra has been working with the Portland Ballet and John Clifford annually for three years.
A salad that can’t be beat.

Beets can’t be beat

A luscious alternative salad for Thanksgiving!
Although Dwight Schrute from NBC’s The Office is a pretty socially awkward guy, he’s got one thing right for sure: Beets are awesome. These heart shaped bulb-like roots have a distinct and earthy taste that pairs wonderfully with other vegetables. This recipe for a crisp corn and beet salad makes for a sweet dish that’s rich in color and perfect for holiday dining. Plus, these dark red delicious roots are full of antioxidants, packed with vitamins and high in fiber. Serve it up hot or cold as a side dish, or on top of your favorite poultry as a unique slaw.

Portrait of the author

When I finally found his office in the sadistic maze that is the fourth floor of Neuberger Hall, associate professor of English Paul Collins greeted me with a handshake and a warm smile. He had recently returned from an engagement and wasted no time before speaking with me. “Let’s see, when did I start writing?” Collins asked himself, laughing. “I’ve been writing books since high school, but as far as actually getting paid to write, that really started later for me.” Paul Collins is an accomplished author and has been an associate professor at Portland State since 2006. His seven novels have been translated into 10 languages, and he has written freelance articles for The New York Times, Slate and New Scientist. His work in creative nonfiction earned him the Guggenheim Fellowship for Nonfiction in 2009.

Language as ‘performed culture’

Ohio State professor argues for understanding China’s Confucian culture through its language structure
Portland State’s Confucius Institute will welcome professor Galal Walker when he delivers a lecture titled “Learning Cycles, Instructional Cycles and the Confucian Pleasure” Wednesday, Nov. 23. Walker, a professor of Chinese Linguistics and the director of East Asian languages at Ohio State University, has spent his career arguing for the importance of culture in foreign language-learning curricula.

Chinese in Malaysia

U of O professor to discuss the Chinese experience in anon-native nation
“It seems very difficult for them to conceptualize a sense of Chinese-ness that’s a locally defined Chinese-ness,” said Sharon Carstens as she explained the cultural plight of ethnic Chinese in Malaysia. This plight is the focus of her colleague Dr. Alison Groppe, assistant professor of Chinese literature at the University of Oregon. Groppe will visit Portland State Tuesday, Nov. 22, to deliver a lecture, titled “Not Made in China: Identity & Home in Sinophone Malaysian Fiction,” about Chinese fiction written in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia. “Looking at the literature that is based on their local culture is something that’s very interesting,” Carstens said.

Art, society and sustainability

Assistant professor Harrell Fletcher sees opportunities for creativity in conservation
Portland State’s art scene is becoming known for its Art and Social Practice Master of Fine Arts program, in which artists are encouraged to interact with their community. Harrell Fletcher, assistant professor of art at PSU and fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, will present “Art, Society and Sustainability,” a seminar to be held Wednesday, Nov. 23, that will explore the intersection between these three subjects while showcasing Fletcher’s work.

Thirsting for answers

Women’s Resource Center screens documentary Flow to increase awareness of water politics
What happens when water, a vital element of life on earth, is privatized and therefore turned into a source of competition and monetary gain? This question is answered in Irene Salina’s award-winning documentary, Flow: For the Love of Water (2008), which will be screened by the Women’s Resource Center Monday, Nov. 28, to celebrate Social Sustainability Month. A gripping and unsettling account of the growing urgency of water politics, the film interviews activists and scientists in several fields to send a message of warning and of hope.
Busy bookworm: Abbey Gaterud, assistant professor and director of publishing at Portland State’s Ooligan Press, always has her nose in a new book.

Pushers of the printed word

A look into the mission and methods of Portland State’s Ooligan Press
Ooligan Press is an important part of the Portland State experience for any student pursuing a career in publishing. Located on the third floor of Neuberger Hall, the press is run by university writing students, mostly graduates. “The publishing classes are where you get concepts, historical context and theory. Ooligan Press is where you get the practice,” said publishing graduate Cooper Bombardier, who works at the press. “We are able to make decisions, take risks, mess up and feel really good about our successes in the press. It is an amazing way to learn.”
Careful craftsman Jules Nemish, a second year art major, works on a project for her 3D class in the Shattuck Hall woodshop, part of the forthcoming tour by the Graphic Design Center Nov. 23.

Graphic novelty

Design workshops take students’ skills to the next level
The first annual Informative Collaboration between Portland State’s Graphic Design Center and the Friends of Graphic Design took place in the form of a workshop Nov. 9. Within the walls of the Art Building that evening, 11 students gathered to learn, design and innovate. Stephen Ebert, a senior and president of the Graphic Design Center, ran the workshop, which began with his demonstration on how to make a perfectly symmetrical shape in Adobe Illustrator, and move lines so that they’re in harmony with each other. He also played a slideshow, which showcased work from famous graphic designers.
Korea welcomes you: Christine Yoo’s Wedding Palace has won several prestigious awards and will make its Pacific Northwest debut at PSU.

Cross-cultural comedy

Korean film Wedding Palace will have Pacific Northwest premier at Portland State
The Portland State Institute for Asian Studies and the Adult Korean Adoptees of Portland will present the film Wedding Palace Saturday, Nov. 19 at the PSU Recreation Center. Two of the film’s actors, Joy Omanski and Nancy J. Lee, will answer questions after the screening. Wedding Palace follows L.A. advertising executive Jason Kim (Brian Tee), as he attempts to find a wife before his 30th birthday. An ancient family curse mandates that Jason get married before he turns 30—or else he loses his life.

Hope and Harajuku

Upcoming Japanese Student Society’s Japan Night promises to entertain and enlighten
Portland State’s Japanese Student Society hosts its biggest event of the year, Japan Night, Tuesday, Nov. 22. The entirely student-run celebration of Japanese culture will include dinner and performances throughout the evening. “Japan Night is a yearly event, and it’s the biggest event JSS puts on,” said Akira Hasegawa, one of the lead organizers of the celebration. “It brings the Japanese culture to the public and makes it more accessible.”


Arts & Culture

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