Awaken to bacon!

Treat yourself to a savory breakfast medley
Breakfast reigns as the hands-down most important meal of the day. With the potential to be sweet, savory, succulent and everything in between, there are endless ways to stuff your face as the sun rises.

Fountainheads of architectural insight

PSU’s department of architecture is presenting a lecture series about the “first causes” of architecture
Say goodbye to vintage brick buildings and hello to metal and glass. The Portland State department of architecture is currently presenting a lecture series called “Firsts,” wherein scholars share their most innovative ideas and breakthroughs with students and the public. In so doing, they widen the conversation about architectural possibilities here in Portland.

Damned if you don’t

Portland author Chuck Palahniuk to read at Bagdad Theater and Q-and-A with the Vanguard
Portland’s literary icon is at it again. This month, Chuck Palahniuk will publish his latest novel, a twisted retelling of Dante’s Inferno, titled Damned. Scheduled for release Oct. 18, Palahniuk’s 14th novel tells the story of an 11-year-old girl named Madison who is left alone and abandoned at a Swiss boarding school.

Planting seeds of tolerance

PSU undergraduates produce positive films about hemp and marijuana use
Filmmakers Rod Pitman and Stephen Chaffin, two Portland State undergraduates, have sought to capture America’s pro-Marijuana movement in the documentaries Hempsters: Plant the Seed and NORML Life. The films received worldwide distribution by Cinema Libre within six weeks of each other and feature stars like Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Ralph Nader and members of The Doors.

More than skin deep

Portland’s third annual Tattoo Expo draws talent from around the globe
Over two hundred tattoo artists gathered in the Portland Metropolitan Expo Center last weekend to showcase their array of goods and services, from supplies for the practicing tattoo artist to shirts and artwork for the casual visitor.

Adrian Belew will blow you away

Music legend to bring progressive rock to Aladdin Theater
A real-life guitar hero is coming to the Aladdin Theatre this Friday to show Portland’s players a thing or two about technique. Adrian Belew—a.k.a. Frank Zappa’s protégé, David Bowie touring musician and, most notably, head oddball of progressive experimental band King Crimson—is assembling his Power Trio for another North American run, and Portland is in his sights.

Words, words, words!

Weekend Wordstock festival highlights PSU’s Creative Writing M.F.A. program and its faculty stars
“The Creative Writing M.F.A. is a meteor,” said Portland State fiction professor A.B. Paulson, motioning skyward. “We’re headed into deep space.” Last weekend, however, Paulson and the rest of the creative writing contingent were relegated to planet Earth—more specifically, booth 614 at the 2011 Wordstock Festival, held at the Oregon Convention Center.

The ordinary made extraordinary

Joseph Webb’s hyper-realistic Sight Beyond Vision graces PSU’s White Gallery
Joseph Webb, a student at Pacific Northwest College of Art, is filling PSU’s White Gallery in some really big ways. His exhibition Sight Beyond Vision consists of six 44 by 45 inch pieces that focus on the details of ordinary items. The images are tweaked to reveal an alternative perspective—one that demands attention.

Poverty in America turns heads in Japan

Japanese journalist Mika Tsutsumi to speak at Portland State
Japanese journalist and author Mika Tsutsumi will deliver a lecture, titled “Why my book Poverty Superpower America sold 500,000 copies in Japan,” Thursday, Oct. 13 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Smith Memorial Student Union, room 327. A book about poverty in the United States is nothing new, and Portlanders see examples of poverty every day. So why is Tsutsumi’s book so popular in Japan?

Jalapeño Bacon Bombs

Treat your taste buds to an explosion of fiery flavor!
This delicious recipe packs some serious punch and is perfect for parties. After being baked, the jalapeños are not nearly as threatening as they are when raw but still carry a lush, spicy flavor. Whether you’re getting the gang together to watch football or just looking to kick back with a more interesting snack, these Jalapeño Bacon Bombs are sure to satisfy your craving.

Songs of love, hope and compassion

Benefit assists local artist injured in car accident
The Portland music community will be uniting in order to raise money for local injured artist Stevie Rae Urwin Friday Oct. 14 at the Wonder Ballroom. “When she was hit by a truck in May, I had an idea that I wanted to put on a concert for her,” said Urwin’s mother Tammy, who is organizing the event. “I did not know whether she would live or die, and I figured either way I wanted to do something spectacular for my daughter because she is a spectacular person and a talented artist.”


Arts & Culture

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