SMSU 2020 Renderings of the current plans for SMSU were on display at the open house meetings.

Plans for new student union raise concerns

Tuition increases, absence of services during build period among major student concerns
The idea for a new student union by 2020 has raised concerns from Portland State students about the importance and timeliness of such an undertaking with tuition already on the rise. The two concepts—a renovation projected to cost $90 million, and a complete rebuild projected to cost $116 million—were unveiled the first week of April in two open-house meetings.

Journalist uncovers hidden toxics in everyday items

Elizabeth Grossman to address the environmental effects of toxics in manufactured items
While everyday objects such as cell phones and iPods may seem relatively innocuous, there may be some hidden dangers behind them. Freelance environmental journalist and award-winning author Elizabeth Grossman has researched and studied these risks and will be presenting her findings in a lecture at Portland State today.

Presidential candidates gear up for May student government elections

Platforms center on engaging student body, tuition
Student government elections are just around the corner, and candidates for president and vice president of the Associated Students of Portland State University are beginning to organize their campaigns. Voting is scheduled to start on May 7 and will close on May 21, with candidate debates in-between. Election results will be announced on May 22.

Funding for ‘living building’ up in the air

Stagnant economy, waning public funds cited as reasons for denying the Oregon Sustainability Center
On the corner of Southwest 5th Avenue and Montgomery Street sits the undeveloped site of the Oregon Sustainability Center, a project that since its inception has had its followers and detractors divided over one issue: funding.

Revolt and reform

Middle East Studies Center panel discussion unpacks importance of sudden popular uprisings
What happens after the revolution? As government control and authority shifts in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and many other North African and Middle Eastern countries, it’s no longer a question of whether the revolution will succeed or if war will ensue, but how it will reform. How will these shifts and changes play out as government becomes redefined?
Jennifer Dill is the director of the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium.

PSU’s National Institute for Transportation and Communities receives $3.5 million grant

Grant to fund projects examining transportation issues in Portland and nationwide
Portland State has now successfully developed its own university transportation center—the National Institute for Transportation and Communities—after receiving a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The grant will allow the new center to continue to pursue objectives in transportation research. The center is a tier-one University Transportation Center designated by the DOT and will create a partnership between PSU, University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology and University of Utah.
Ted Kulongoski, a former Oregon governor, will begin teaching at PSU in the fall.

Former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski joins PSU faculty

Kulongoski to teach political science beginning 2012 fall term
After stepping back from a 40-year political career in Oregon politics, former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski decided to continue working in the field, but with a change of scene: from the governor’s office to the classroom. Starting fall term 2012, Kulongoski will be teaching political science in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State.
The Environmental Club meets in the “Green Space” to discuss Earth Week plans.

An earthly celebration

Environmental Club hosts Earth Week to promote sustainability
Earth Day is coming up on Sunday, April 22, and in recognition, Portland State’s Environmental Club is hosting Earth Week, a weeklong celebration. Starting Monday, April 23, each day of Earth Week will have its own theme, ending with a final festival on Friday.

PSU signs 5-year research partnership with Smithsonian Institution

Scientists to study aquatic invasive species
Portland State and the Smithsonian’s Environmental Research Center have signed an agreement to be partners in research for the next five years. This joint venture, signed on March 19, solidifies and renews a preexisting research relationship between the two institutions.

Students encouraged to examine realities of sexual violence

Sexual Assault Awareness Month events focus on promoting discussion and providing support for survivors
April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year’s national theme is “It’s time to talk about it!” Portland State’s Women’s Resource Center, along with the support of other Portland organizations, will host a variety of events throughout the month that focus on different aspects of sexual violence with a particular emphasis of giving a voice to sexual assault survivors.

Student elections board revises electoral infraction process

Online petition form and ‘hands-off’ approach seek to regulate campaign accusations
With the 2012–13 student elections campaigning nearly underway, the Portland State student government elections board prepares to meet possible challenges that may come with an overload of infraction accusations, mostly from opponents. As seen in past elections, investigating the multitude of allegations made by competing candidates could distract from more pressing infractions.


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