Oregon senate bills begin implementation process

Senate Bills 242 and 909 target efficiency and effectiveness
Oregon Senate Bill 242, signed into law by the governor this summer, will begin to have important effects at Portland State and throughout the Oregon University System in the coming months. While the bill was signed into law at the end of July, implementation of the bill will really begin this coming January, said Diane Saunders, director of Communications in the OUS Chancellor’s office.

Occupy Portland: “We can do great things”

The peaceful New York movement lands in Portland
On Thursday, thousands of Portlanders marched through downtown and congregated in Pioneer Square—Portland’s answer to the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, which is spreading nationwide. Nearly 70 hours later, the occupation of downtown’s Chapman Square was complete, and by Sunday morning the park had become, in a way, a functioning society unto itself.

A university program studied

PSU’s innovative general studies program draws acclaim and criticism
Portland State’s University Studies Program, a unique model for interdisciplinary general studies, has garnered much national praise in recent years. Here on campus, however, the program has consistently drawn criticism from some students and faculty. The program consists of one year of required freshman inquiry (FRINQ) courses, followed by a year of sophomore inquiry (SINQ), junior cluster courses and, finally, a senior capstone.

PSU part-time faculty on the rise

Adjunct positions have more than doubled over last 10 years
The Portland State University Faculty Association (PSUFA) represents approximately 1,200 part-time instructors; each term, close to 700 members teach at PSU. Last fall term, there were 676 adjunct instructors at PSU—a 103.6 percent increase over the number of adjunct faculty in fall 2000. The number of part-time faculty positions varies from department to department. Schools that heavily utilize adjunct instructors are education, art, business, community health and physical education, according to Brooke Jacobson, president of PSUFA and an adjunct instructor in the communication studies department. More academically oriented departments are not as reliant on part-time instructors, Jacobson said.

Drug and alcohol violations are up

PSU residence halls see increase in violations and arrests
Over the last year, Portland State has seen a consistent increase in the amount of drug and alcohol violations in on-campus housing. And according to Clery crime statistics—a report produced annually by all U.S. colleges and universities—liquor law and drug law violations on the PSU campus have been on the rise.

Vision for the Entrepreneurial Center

PSU builds business student resources
There are a multitude of avenues for student and community start-ups at Portland State, but resources are spread across the campus, and knowledge of events and programs is limited to students and faculty in specific programs. In an effort to make one cohesive conglomerate of resources, PSU is creating the Entrepreneurial Center.

New resources for students in emotional distress

Support more widely available at PSU this school year
Portland State students in search of emotional refuge are about to gain access to several new university organizations and services tailored to their needs. Dean of Student Life Michele Toppe and her staff are instituting many additional student resources this fall. The majority of those resources were created to provide a safe place for students to share concerns or make the process of finding help simple and stress-free.

No more plastic water bottles

Portland State is known as a bellwether of the sustainability movement. Hoping to further that reputation, President Wim Wiewel has established a task force addressing the sustainability movement that colleges and universities across the country have joined: eliminating plastic water bottles.

Oregon Sustainability Center faces uncertain future

City council members skeptical about funding; PSU to press legislature for money
The grand project to build the world’s first energy neutral, high-rise, urban building here in Portland is in need of a lifeline from the city and the state legislature—and it might get one, provided stakeholders can demonstrate that Oregonians won’t go broke paying for it.

Your fee dollars at work

Understanding the process that allocates your student fees
Do you look at your bill each term? Or are you, like many students, averting your eyes from the balance sheet until you graduate and are forced to pay back the thousands of dollars you owe the federal government?

Erin Flynn’s game plan

New administrator to play big role in future of PSU
Portland State is expanding in more ways than building new dorms. This summer, PSU hired Erin Flynn as its new associate vice president for strategic partnerships, a position based out of the Office of Research and Strategic Partnerships. Flynn is charged with creating a network of expansion for the university by connecting PSU with local companies and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.


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