Once-lost Chinese disinterment documents now available to PSU and OSU students

Papers include details on Chinese burial practices in Oregon
In 2010, an anonymous donor gifted a box of old and fragile documents to the Northwest News Network, and shortly thereafter researchers discovered that the documents provided details on hundreds of deceased Chinese immigrant workers. Recently, Oregon State University digitally archived the collection, which dates back to the mid-20th century, and placed the entire collection online. The physical copies are currently being held at Portland State in special collections. The disinterment documents are in Chinese and are still in the process of being translated to English.

Environmental club saves the ‘green space’

Smith Space Committee shakes things up for PSU student groups
The Portland State Environmental Club almost lost its meeting space. Located in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union next to the Food for Thought Cafe, the club’s “green space” was going to be reallocated for a different use by the Smith space committee.

Small group, big competition

PSU student marketing chapter competes against national, international universities
In late March, Portland State’s American Marketing Association chapter returned victorious from the 34th Annual International Collegiate Conference, placing in multiple conference categories and winning a $1,000 cash prize for the organization. The conference, which took place in New Orleans March 22–25, gave the small PSU team the chance to show off its skills.

Extended Studies employees laid off during university-wide budget cuts

Union representative ‘disappointed’
Portland State’s School of Extended Studies laid off 16 employees last week in an administrative decision as part of a 4 percent budget cut implemented throughout the university. The university said the goal of the cuts is to decrease spending while maintaining academic programs and services for students. “These cuts will produce $1.5 million annual savings (in salaries and services/supplies). By making strategic budget reductions such as these, the university protects its core academic and student services from larger cuts,” PSU Director of Communications Scott Gallagher said.

Obama signs executive order to stop deceptive practices by universities

Order aims to stop private and for-profit universities from misleading veterans on education costs
On April 27, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that requires colleges and universities to inform all veterans of the exact costs of their education upon enrollment. Additionally, the order requires Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Defense to investigate and eliminate any fraudulent scholarships or programs offered to veterans, to provide a centralized complaint system for veterans to voice their displeasures with abusive enrollment practices and to establish greater restrictions on aggressive recruiting of veterans by university officials.

PSU alumnus receives national graduate research program fellowship

Joshua Booren to continue research in biomedical engineering
Joshua Booren’s daughter was born with a rare chromosomal disorder: Trisomy 5p. “It affects the body from head to foot, including a severe mental disability,” Booren said. “When she was born, the doctors gave her a prognosis of one year,” he continued. “She is now nine years old and a wonderful part of our family.”

Saying goodbye to ‘Fareless Square’

What a farewell to the Free Rail Zone would mean
With TriMet’s approaching fiscal year well within sight, public transit users are forced to prepare themselves for the drastic systemic changes included within the agency’s budget proposal to close a $12 million gap.

Portland State research team reveals harmful farming practices

Genetically modified crops targeted in study
A Portland State team recently completed research that shed light on a relevant topic of discourse within the farming world: genetically modified food.

Debate persists over student loan interest rates

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici visits PSU to discuss impending changes
The debate over student loan interest rates continues as Congress Democrats and Republicans flounder trying to find common ground. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed the Interest Rate Reduction Act on Friday, April 27 with a 215-195 vote and the Democrat-controlled Senate vows to shut it down. With both sides of the aisle struggling to find a solution and President Barack Obama issuing veto notification for the reduction act, the impending July 1 doubling of student loans approaches with no resolution in sight.

Ethan Allen Smith’s candidacy for ASPSU president challenged

Ballot recognition conditional on Smith selecting vice presidential candidate
Associated Students of Portland State University presidential candidate Ethan Allen Smith’s campaign was challenged by the elections board last week because he had not selected a vice presidential candidate. Due to the board’s interpretation of the ASPSU elections board bylaws, which put in place the rules under which a candidate can run, the elections board informed Smith that he would not be recognized as a candidate unless he selected a running mate. Smith responded by selecting Jeffery Frankenhauser as his vice presidential candidate.

CARE team handles student threat to university community

Students advised to be proactive in voicing concerns
On April 25, the office of campus safety sent an email to all students and staff informing them of a police investigation concerning threats of violence to the student body. It was reported that 33-year-old Henry Liu, a graduate student studying conflict resolution, had made death threats regarding faculty. The email stated that though Liu had not been charged with a crime, he had been banned from campus and was under investigation by law enforcement agencies.


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