Any-major career fair

All Majors Career Fair should focus more on all majors, and less on what can work for a degree
The All Majors Career Fair: the perfect opportunity! If you’re looking for a job that has nothing to do with your major, that is.

Battered Barbie

A PCC student uses Barbies to raise awareness of domestic violence
Lately, the buzz at Portland Community College’s Rock Creek campus has been all about Barbies. But not in the way one would usually expect.

Slightly better than the current world books

Portland State participates in book drive
What do you do with the books that you no longer want—the ones that are lying around your room and taking up shelf space? Do you sell them? Give them to friends? Perhapts you can give them away for a good cause—and now that PSU has partnered with Better World Books to create book donation sites around campus, this is easier than ever.

An aspirin forthe headache

Making contraception affordable is common sense, not a political debate
Don’t you just love when billionaires talk about what’s good for the American people—us common folk—and especially when they talk about those “inexpensive,” petty issues we deal with? Like, say, contraception!

Coffee & Power moves into the neighborhood

A freelancing match made in cyber-heaven?
Coffee and power: everything you need to take over the world. Or, at the very least, a coffee shop in Portland. Freelancers, artists, creative minds and artisans can now stop holding their collective breath—the time has come. The office that’s not an office has finally moved into town­—a coffee shop workplace especially for you!

What do we know, anyway?

Pentagon should allow women to join their comrades on the front lines
Are women likely to compromise military missions? Probably not. So why grant them fewer opportunities for career advancement on the basis of their sex?

Et tu, TriMet?

Another day, another price hike

Another memoir, another sordid affair, another intern. Mimi Alford is the latest woman to claim an extra-marital affair with former president John F. Kennedy. At 19, she served as an intern at the White House and, according to her new book, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath, they engaged in an 18-month relationship.

Guns blazin’

New legislation takes aim at unsafe firearm policies
University students throughout Oregon, as a result of Senate Bill 1550, may find themselves stowing their guns under mattresses once more. The proposed bill would eliminate “affirmative defense exempting concealed handgun licensees from crime applicable to possession of firearm or other instrumental used as dangerous weapon, while on school grounds.”

Editorial: What has ASPSU done for you lately?

ASPSU’s recent rally in the park blocks was just the latest demonstration of how far your student government has strayed from making any kind of real impact for the students of Portland State.

Mindful eating

Take a moment to stop talking and eat
Watching people scarf down a burger on the MAX, quickly maneuver through the cafeteria line to grab a bagel and coffee “to go” or slurp a cup o’ noodles on the way to class makes one wonder how well the thinking, loving and sleeping are going.

Transcending a ‘transgression’

Girl Scouts face opposition from traditionalists over accepting a transgender child
The name Girl Scouts brings to mind all sorts of images, from camaraderie and togetherness to cookies and the cute little girls who sell them. One aspect of the Girl Scouts that often gets overlooked by those with no connection to the organization is its inclusiveness, especially in the face of redefining gender.


Arts & Culture

The breathtaking performances of ‘Arabian Nights’

Arabian Nights, a historic Metropolitan Youth Symphony concert featured two world premiers—violinist Katie Palka, as well as Rimsky-Korsakov’s ever-popular Scheherazade—on March 4 at the...

Feminist Frida Fest



Walkout in response to Parkland shooting

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 13, one month after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Portland State students walked out...