The sunscreen myth

New study finds some sunscreens accelerate cancer
Now that summer is upon us, many are itching to get outside. Due to the not-so-sunny climate of Portland, many are escaping to warmer places in order to “catch a few rays.” Of course, there are obvious health risks that come with tanning, so many often lather up with sunscreen in order to be protected from those scary ultraviolet rays.

No transit for you!

Oregon legislature eliminates free YouthPass program for Portland high school students
During the last school year, thousands of Portland high school students boarded TriMet buses in order to make their way to school. While many might feel that the students are a pain, TriMet provides the only public busing opportunity for these students. Many of these teenagers and children would not have a mode of transportation to and from school without such opportunities.

Support or Advertising?

Corporate sponsorship at Pride weekend raises questions
For over a decade, corporations have used big-budget campaigns to endorse the Gay Pride Parade and to create mega-advertising showing their alliance with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community.


Arts & Culture

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