Internet libel

Tigard doctor sued blogger for smearing his name
Oregon very nearly had the distinction of being the first state in the United States to bring a Twitter-based libel lawsuit to court. No, you didn’t just misread that. In what must be one of the strangest cases in Oregon history, a Tigard doctor attempted to sue a Portland blogger for a blog post and tweet referencing a reprimand he received in 2001 for a violation of the Medical Practices Act.

Tweetups: where technology meets real life

Good enough for NASA, the White House and now PSU
Tweetups are a growing fad wherein technology meets real life, where people break free of their computers and meet in this “real world” before returning to their social media sites.

Inside your head

Method of turning brain activity to images stuns scientific world, creates huge potential for medical world
Mind reading. The phrase itself sounds like something out of a science fiction or fantasy story, doesn’t it? For many, it is as far removed from reality as the concept of magic or precognition. Insight and deduction make it into a parlor game, joked about and easily dismissed.

The rotten apple

Posthumously giving Steve Jobs the good guy treatment is a mistake
A world without Steve Jobs. It’s an odd prospect for many. The loss of the entrepreneurial genius with an affection for black sweaters and jeans has weighed heavily in discussion these past few weeks, and understandably so. It seems so strange that someone who represented so much to so many could die so young.

Steamed over Rice

Condoleezza Rice inspires controversy as Simon Benson keynote speaker
Does Condoleezza Rice strike you as a good representative for the PSU Foundation? That’s the question on many minds since the announcement that Rice would be the keynote speaker at the 12th Annual Simon Benson Awards on Oct. 19. The awards, named after Portland’s own Simon Benson, celebrate those who strive to pioneer philanthropy in Oregon and put on as a fundraiser for the PSU Foundation. Former keynote speakers have included Magic Johnson, Bob Dole, and Queen Noor of Jordan. Now joining their ranks, Rice has sparked a great deal of controversy.

Letter to the editor: Response to University Studies Article

Dear Editor: The article on the University Studies program, “A University Program Studied,” [Oct. 11] contained many well-research points . We would like to add our observations to the conversation and correct a couple of items.

A space of their own

Graphic design students take initiative to centralize department
Graphic Design students rose to the challenge after the university failed to create an adequate resource for them. Previously without a print lab and tired of running around campus for supplies, the Friends of Graphic Design student group created a space that Tina Snow Le, a graphic design student and the group’s media/tech guru, said serves as the “hub of the graphic design program.”

An inconvenient change

Portland State website redesign met with staunch criticism
Last month, Portland State launched its completely revamped website. The sleek new interface was not what any students were expecting. And to say that it is unpopular is an understatement. Students are frustrated over how difficult the redesign has made navigating the site. With the removal of a majority of the drop-down menus that made the site so user-friendly before, finding the correct page has become increasingly difficult. Worse yet, the change came as a complete surprise to most students looking to find resources for the upcoming school year.

Up in arms

Students worry about guns on campus
As of Sept. 28, concealed firearms are permitted on any of the seven public university campuses in Oregon. A three-judge panel in the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that a ban on guns throughout the Oregon University System is unlawful and against citizens’ second amendment rights—the right to bear arms. This ruling gives any permit-carrying gun owner the legal right to bring his or her weapon onto PSU and other Oregon campuses as long as it remains concealed. As expected, this alteration has been met with much controversy and concern statewide.

Prejudice or artistic license?

Performance by Tyler, The Creator stirs controversy
He’s been called brilliant and is said to be saving the music industry from itself by some. Others label him a blatant misogynist and homophobe. Love him or hate him, if you’re looking for some controversial music to be offended by, look no further than hip-hop artist Tyler, The Creator and his artistic collective “OFWGKTA” (“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All,” also known simply as “Odd Future”).

Tigers over dragons

India rises as a global power
Probably the biggest misconception in the study of history is the presumption of any sort of constant, though the presumption of universality is a close second. In other words, the misconception that things have always been a certain way and/or will remain so and the misconception that literally anything—an idea, an attribute, an opinion—is the same the world over.


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