The trials of a club-turned-business

Weightlifting club success story shows the ups and downs of on-campus clubs
Some students join clubs; others start clubs. Others take their clubs to a completely different level, even off campus. Nicholas Horton, a graduate student studying game theory, turned the on-campus weightlifting club he started into his own business when he took it off campus three years ago. Horton now runs PDX Weightlifting, a club based on membership (and associated) fees located in SE Portland.

Shock therapy

Shock value in media is a disturbing trend
Sex in videos and movies is rampant. The television program Glee takes on scenes of teens losing their virginity. What Beyonce is asked to do in her music videos is so far outside of herself, she says, that she invents a character, “Sasha,” to do the super-racy videos for her. Bedroom scenes in soap operas abound. But these are not the only shockers we’re exposed to. Violence takes no back seat to sex in this trend of shock value in our media. Studies estimate we will witness more than 2,000 “murders” on television by the age of 18.

EDITORIAL: A real fixer upper

If PSU can afford to invest in real estate, we can afford to invest in our faculty
The Portland State University chapter of the Association of American University Professors has been engaged in collective bargaining with the university since last April, in an effort to secure a contract agreement for the new biennium. With the current contract set to expire on Oct. 31, and university administrators and faculty union representatives at loggerheads, it appears that another deadline extension may be on the horizon. While the situation may be complex, we’re tempted to reduce it to one fairly simple question: Is this sustainable?

Remembering a tech legend

Possible movie may be the most appropriate way to honor Steve Jobs
The iconic figure of Apple legend Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck and jeans has been immortalized for the moment by magazine covers, temporary memorials, online posts and a new biography. How Jobs will continue to be remembered, though, is still in the works. Steve Jobs’ authorized biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, was released Monday, almost a month before the original Nov. 21 date, after Jobs’ untimely death. Even with the book released, another tribute is possibly being developed by Sony, which bought the movie rights to the biography just days after Jobs passed away.

Stepping ahead

Walktober is a great opportunity to get a little healthier
The cool fall weather calls out, inviting everyone to get on their feet and walk out of their doors. It is neither too hot nor too cold for outdoor sports and activities, and fresh air is a wonderful way to stave off the common cold. This is a clear indication of why fall is the perfect time of year to participate in Walktober. Open to all members of the Portland State community, Walktober is an opportunity to get motivated and incorporate walking into one’s daily routine. Since Oct. 10, participants have been keeping track of their walking minutes online and engaging in friendly competition, either in teams or as individuals.

Apathy and basic rights

Voting is a privilege, so treat it like one
Although it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the Republican debates going on right now and a sketch from Saturday Night Live, the debates serve as a reminder of what’s coming in the next year. With the 2012 election season rapidly approaching, students should be registering to vote, bulking up their repertoire of political knowledge and looking for a candidate with whom they can identify. With the onset of the extensive media coverage of the upcoming election and the Republican debates, Portland State students should remember that voting is a privilege—and not one common to everybody.
Tracking the footprint: Smith Memorial Student Union’s new green screen illuminates resource usage.

A dollars and cents guide

Green screen in Smith Memorial Student Union may reduce carbon footprint
After a year and a half of collaboration between the Institute for Sustainable Solutions and Facilities and Planning, the Smith Memorial Student Union has become the first building to be retrofitted to accommodate what is called a “green screen.” With sustainability in mind, the new green screen TV display outside the cafeteria tracks resource use throughout a building.

Sick of it

How harsh attendance policies spread illness
Being graded on attendance is a fact of life in higher education. If you don’t show up to learn, you won’t get the grade. But when it comes to being held accountable for showing up to every class, the decision isn’t really ours. Too much of the grade we earn is reliant not upon our hard work, but simply upon our physical presence. Every year, our campus is hit hard with the flu, various strains of colds, croup, strep throat and everything in between, because there are so many sick students coming to class.

Letter to the editor: Guide Dog Etiquette

We received this letter to the editor from a concerned reader who ran into issues on campus with his guide dog. His advice is quite valuable, so we’ve printed the entire letter for your information. Consider it a part of your education at PSU.
Dear Editor: I would like to address the students and faculty of the Portland State University campus. There have been several incidents which have occurred to me while walking with my guide dog Bryson which makes me feel that perhaps a note regarding the proper protocol or etiquettes when dealing with a guide dog team (the guide dog and the handler).

Facebook vs. face-to-face

Student group networking should satisfy both Facebook and non-Facebook users on campus
Networking isn’t just of shaking hands anymore. It’s moving toward online “friending” in many ways. Facebook has become a powerhouse for finding community connections online. The Virtual Viking weekly email, which offers Portland State organizations space to advertise their events, encapsulates how important Facebook has become for these groups to reach out to the rest of campus. Out of the 16 links in the “Upcoming Events” section of last week’s Virtual Viking, nine lead to Facebook pages, six of which are viewable only by people with a Facebook account.

Procrastination Nation

I do it, you do it, everyone does it, and on a daily basis. No, we’re not talking about drugs or masturbation. We’re talking about procrastination. Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority tasks with low priority actions, thus putting off the more important things until later. According to a study done in 2007 by psychologist Piers Steel of the University of Calgary, 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate, particularly on homework. While some psychologists have cited this behavior as a coping mechanism for anxiety, others argue that procrastination is simply another form of impulsiveness.


Arts & Culture

You can’t remake memories

As a current trend, Disney has been remaking its classic cartoons into live action movies. Starting with Tim Burton’s 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland,...


You can’t remake memories

As a current trend, Disney has been remaking its classic cartoons into live action movies. Starting with Tim Burton’s 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland,...