Letter to the editor: Guide Dog Etiquette

We received this letter to the editor from a concerned reader who ran into issues on campus with his guide dog. His advice is quite valuable, so we’ve printed the entire letter for your information. Consider it a part of your education at PSU.
Dear Editor: I would like to address the students and faculty of the Portland State University campus. There have been several incidents which have occurred to me while walking with my guide dog Bryson which makes me feel that perhaps a note regarding the proper protocol or etiquettes when dealing with a guide dog team (the guide dog and the handler).

Facebook vs. face-to-face

Student group networking should satisfy both Facebook and non-Facebook users on campus
Networking isn’t just of shaking hands anymore. It’s moving toward online “friending” in many ways. Facebook has become a powerhouse for finding community connections online. The Virtual Viking weekly email, which offers Portland State organizations space to advertise their events, encapsulates how important Facebook has become for these groups to reach out to the rest of campus. Out of the 16 links in the “Upcoming Events” section of last week’s Virtual Viking, nine lead to Facebook pages, six of which are viewable only by people with a Facebook account.

Procrastination Nation

I do it, you do it, everyone does it, and on a daily basis. No, we’re not talking about drugs or masturbation. We’re talking about procrastination. Procrastination is the act of replacing high priority tasks with low priority actions, thus putting off the more important things until later. According to a study done in 2007 by psychologist Piers Steel of the University of Calgary, 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate, particularly on homework. While some psychologists have cited this behavior as a coping mechanism for anxiety, others argue that procrastination is simply another form of impulsiveness.

Making Marx

Socialist sentiments rise on campus
If you pay any attention to the various announcement boards around campus, chances are you’ve noticed many posters advertising all sorts of political events.

No more sitting in the aisles of Hoffmann Hall

New life sciences building to be completed in 2013
The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Life Sciences Building on Oct. 12 marked a new direction for the science department in terms of collaboration with other universities as well as a shift in Oregon’s research economy. Set to open in August 2013, the new Life Sciences Building will be shared between Portland State University, Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon State University. Located on the South Waterfront, the new facility will house state-of-the-art laboratories and one of the largest lecture halls in the state. This transformation puts PSU in a position to collaborate with other universities and acts as a means to establish Portland as a research economy.

EDITORIAL: Occupy the globe

Ask a critic of Occupy Portland what they think of the hundreds of protesters occupying the park blocks between Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, and you’ll likely get a disgusted smirk accompanied by the phrase, “Get a job.” Much to opponents’ disdain, movements like Occupy Portland continue to grow and gain the support of their local communities and businesses—and that includes the endorsement of the Vanguard.

The greener side of government spending

Lincoln Hall solar panels a good use of stimulus funds
The government is putting energy and focus into boosting our economy, and some of that energy is noticeably green. Using $31 million in funds from the state of Oregon with help from the government stimulus and community donors, the renovation of Lincoln Hall included 234 solar panels installed in September.

Above and beyond

Sustainability helps rank PSU’s MBA program in top 15 worldwide
What comes to mind when one thinks of protecting the environment? Buzzwords and phrases such as sustainability, clean fuel and energy efficiency get tossed around and shuffled. But what does it take to actually save the environment?

It’s not easy being green

PSU students fall behind on recycling
To the random passerby, the Portland State campus is a sight for sore eyes. With the integration of nature and urbanization, it’s more or less the ideal campus setting. Look closer and you will see both trashcans and recycling bins spread out over the vast mecca that is PSU. So far, the groups focused on recycling and sustainability have done a great job at making recycling easy and accessible for PSU students. This begs the question: why are all the trashcans filled to the brim with paper, plastic cups and plastic coffee cup lids? These things are recyclable, after all.

PSU sees increase in black enrollment

Marginal gains or steady progress?
Portland State touted a gain of about 124 new black students in 2010–11. In a sea of almost 28,000 students, 874 black students matriculated here last year—3.5 percent of the university’s students—according to data from PSU’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP). Is this cause to celebrate? The OIRP report points out that this 3.5 percent is “higher than Oregon high school completers (who are black), which is 2.7 percent.” Sirius Bonner, a university admissions official in charge of diversity recruitment programs, said a fair comparison is Western Oregon University, with its 2.7 percent enrollment rate of black students.

When no one is looking

Honest Tea’s “social experiment” ranks PSU among most honest universities
Honest Tea set up shop at PSU, but they didn’t leave anyone to guard the cash box. With no one to hold them accountable for paying, PSU students overwhelmingly chose to pay for their tea. Originally a social experiment to test how honest Americans are, the Honest Tea corporation has branched into testing how honest universities are. Their “tea shop,” located in the South Park Blocks, consisted of tea advertised at $1 and a cash box where students could decide whether to pay or not.


Arts & Culture

One last night in Neuberger

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