A space of their own

Graphic design students take initiative to centralize department
Graphic Design students rose to the challenge after the university failed to create an adequate resource for them. Previously without a print lab and tired of running around campus for supplies, the Friends of Graphic Design student group created a space that Tina Snow Le, a graphic design student and the group’s media/tech guru, said serves as the “hub of the graphic design program.”

An inconvenient change

Portland State website redesign met with staunch criticism
Last month, Portland State launched its completely revamped website. The sleek new interface was not what any students were expecting. And to say that it is unpopular is an understatement. Students are frustrated over how difficult the redesign has made navigating the site. With the removal of a majority of the drop-down menus that made the site so user-friendly before, finding the correct page has become increasingly difficult. Worse yet, the change came as a complete surprise to most students looking to find resources for the upcoming school year.

Up in arms

Students worry about guns on campus
As of Sept. 28, concealed firearms are permitted on any of the seven public university campuses in Oregon. A three-judge panel in the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that a ban on guns throughout the Oregon University System is unlawful and against citizens’ second amendment rights—the right to bear arms. This ruling gives any permit-carrying gun owner the legal right to bring his or her weapon onto PSU and other Oregon campuses as long as it remains concealed. As expected, this alteration has been met with much controversy and concern statewide.

Prejudice or artistic license?

Performance by Tyler, The Creator stirs controversy
He’s been called brilliant and is said to be saving the music industry from itself by some. Others label him a blatant misogynist and homophobe. Love him or hate him, if you’re looking for some controversial music to be offended by, look no further than hip-hop artist Tyler, The Creator and his artistic collective “OFWGKTA” (“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All,” also known simply as “Odd Future”).

Tigers over dragons

India rises as a global power
Probably the biggest misconception in the study of history is the presumption of any sort of constant, though the presumption of universality is a close second. In other words, the misconception that things have always been a certain way and/or will remain so and the misconception that literally anything—an idea, an attribute, an opinion—is the same the world over.

A new type of demand

Portland State Bookstore’s print-on-demand pilot program yielded unexpected results
Last year, the Portland State Bookstore partnered with HP to form the nation’s third print-on-demand program. Odin Ink, as it was called, was predicted to be a powerful program. It was designed to reduce textbook costs, increase availability and make possible for the students a low cost self-publishing and self-printing service.

Approval and reality

Why Obama is losing support in Portland
I did not vote for President Barack Obama. In retrospect, I believe he has done a far better job than McCain would have. I may vote for him in 2012. I am a registered Republican, though I consider myself a social liberal. As a president, I would rate Obama somewhere in the neighborhood of C+ or B- (Bush, I’d give a solid D). I find myself in agreement with roughly 60 percent of his policies. I like his approach of equanimity and reservedness. On the same note, I believe he wavers in his initiative to make decisions. I am fondest of his foreign policy doctrine. I am most disappointed by his priorities on the home front.

A case of unaccountability

The potential reinstatement of Aaron Campbell’s killer highlights problems with police
On Sept. 15, the arbitration hearing on former Portland police officer Ronald Frashour began. The hearing will determine if the police union, The Portland Police Association, is correct in requesting the reinstatement of Frashour’s job. Frashour was fired by the city primarily for the fatal shooting of Aaron Campbell, a mentally ill, suicidal black man, on Jan. 29, 2010.

A journalistic responsibility

Media influence in Knox trial reveals flaws in system
Foxy Knoxy. A doe-eyed killer, wrapped up in a veil of stoicism. To most of Europe, she’s a persona non grata. Incarcerated in 2007 for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, and convicted in 2009, “Foxy Knoxy’s” story has captured the attention of much of the world.

Cracks in the foundation

Questions raised as TriMet youth pass loses funding
At the end of the calendar year, Portland and Eugene high school students may have to find a new way to get to school. City funding for the TriMet Youth Pass Program, which gave over $3 million worth of free TriMet passes to Portland students each year, is being cut, leaving Portland Public Schools with only $800,000 for the program and $2.5 million left to find.

Kids in the hall

Are mandatory study halls worth the time?
As the Oregon educational system battles against a harsh economic decline, the high schools of Portland are utilizing various money-saving methods to stay afloat. With staff cutbacks and increasingly overcrowded classrooms, some schools have chosen to implement study halls as a way to ease financial pressures. Are the students in Portland high schools benefiting from, or struggling under, these curriculum changes?


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