Moving your money to a credit union is right on

The decision to open a bank account is, essentially, the decision to lend a bank your money. They pay you a small interest rate—just...

The allure of contests

ASPSU Student Pantry contest an example of effective advertising
Like a proverbial carrot on a stick, certain incentives can make a person try something they have never thought of doing before. The reward from a contest can be one such carrot. ASPSU is currently holding a contest called the Student Pantry Extravaganza Contest in which design submissions are accepted for a mural in the Student Pantry. The top designs will be voted on by students in late November. The contest is open to all students, but print advertising was distributed throughout the art building before other parts of the school.

Let it be

Contrasting the grumbles of the city, PSU continues to support the Occupy movement
Now approaching almost a month of occupation, Portland’s protesters are holding strong in the Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. While their presence alone is a testament to the resilient nature of the human race, many citizens and businesses are finding them as resilient as a cold sore. On the outside, it’s starting to look like a shantytown of yurts crawling with many unkempt people. Handwritten signs, now smeared by rain, are held in the fists of drenched occupiers. But what appears to be a pitiful sight from the streets opens into a surprisingly large community of people still just trying to be heard.

Let them see plays!

Nationwide theatre event stands for marriage equality…and cake
The Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City is the first place Standing on Ceremony—The Gay Marriage Plays will appear before it sweeps across the country simultaneously on Monday, Nov. 7. Twenty-five theatres in 19 states are putting on this event in tandem, as well as three theatres in Australia and France. The goal is to raise awareness and funding to bring about marriage equality. Fortunately for Portland, the Artists Repertory Theatre has made itself one of the participants for this noble cause.

Time to ship out

Obama’s call for troops to leave Iraq is appropriate move
Nobody knows what will happen. Everyone hopes for the best, and everyone knows what “bad” looks like. President Barack Obama announced on Oct. 21 that the remaining 50,000 American combat troops in Iraq will leave in December of this year, as outlined in the Status of Forces Agreement established in the last two months of the Bush administration.
Crafting for a cause: Tamara Vazquez (left) and Madeline Browning (right) get their craft on at the WRC.

Reclaiming women’s work

From “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” to “Crafternoons”
Lori Patterson, former student and volunteer for the Women’s Resource Center, wants to change the world. Through knitting. Formerly “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch,” Crafternoons is a place where people can go to knit, crochet, sew and gripe about the world. The WRC hosts the event every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. in the WRC lounge.

Lighting fires

Response to dorm fire makes students wonder where their money is going
Standing outside in the cold is how everyone wants to spend a weeknight, right? Okay, maybe not. But that’s exactly what students living in the Broadway Housing Building dorms got to do on Oct. 18. Due to a small, grease-related fire on the sixth floor, all students living in the Broadway housing building were evacuated around seven in the evening and were told to remain outside until fire crews had checked the entire building.

Atheism and religion

The question of what makes morality persists
Sitting in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union a few days ago, I came across an interesting sight. There, huddled around the wall-mounted television, were about 30 or 40 students. They were watching the Republican presidential candidate debate, of all things. For what reason? To heckle it, obviously. Even as a registered Republican, I’ll agree that there was plenty there to heckle.

Bad medicine? We’ll take it!

SHAC participates in national Drug Take-Back Day
Saturday, the Student Health and Counseling Center, along with police stations, clinics, hospitals and social centers all over the United States, took back medications with no questions asked. National Drug Take-Back Day is an event popular in many cities throughout the U.S. With a few exceptions, SHAC and other Oregon clinics and police stations take back any medication, prescription or non-prescription, with no required proof of prescription, no personal inquiries and no judgments. People brought in expired painkillers, unused antibiotics, the leftover pills from deceased relatives, etc.

The trials of a club-turned-business

Weightlifting club success story shows the ups and downs of on-campus clubs
Some students join clubs; others start clubs. Others take their clubs to a completely different level, even off campus. Nicholas Horton, a graduate student studying game theory, turned the on-campus weightlifting club he started into his own business when he took it off campus three years ago. Horton now runs PDX Weightlifting, a club based on membership (and associated) fees located in SE Portland.

Shock therapy

Shock value in media is a disturbing trend
Sex in videos and movies is rampant. The television program Glee takes on scenes of teens losing their virginity. What Beyonce is asked to do in her music videos is so far outside of herself, she says, that she invents a character, “Sasha,” to do the super-racy videos for her. Bedroom scenes in soap operas abound. But these are not the only shockers we’re exposed to. Violence takes no back seat to sex in this trend of shock value in our media. Studies estimate we will witness more than 2,000 “murders” on television by the age of 18.


Arts & Culture

The breathtaking performances of ‘Arabian Nights’

Arabian Nights, a historic Metropolitan Youth Symphony concert featured two world premiers—violinist Katie Palka, as well as Rimsky-Korsakov’s ever-popular Scheherazade—on March 4 at the...

Feminist Frida Fest



Walkout in response to Parkland shooting

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 13, one month after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Portland State students walked out...