Good eatin’

Lets talk about food carts. I know you’ve heard of them. Maybe you’ve seen that food cart show Eat Street on the Cooking Channel, or Anthony Bourdain’s many segments devoted to the art of the food truck. Its undeniable that the Portland food cart scene is a lively one, so chances are you’ve been to a couple.

The four corners of Portland

Unless you’ve been in a bomb shelter or had your nose in a book for the last decade, you know that Portland has a legendary reputation for food, music and quirk. And while college students are notoriously short on time and money, with a little scrimping and planning there are some truly wonderful foods and adventures to be had (fairly inexpensively) here in the Rose City, whether by bicycle, train, bus or on foot. What follows are just a few of our personal favorite spots around town.

Taking advantage of the Rec

Some students at Portland State will go through their entire academic career without exploring Campus Rec. Which is a tremendous waste, because tuition covers almost everything inside the Academic and Student Rec Center, from the swimming pool to the basketball courts to the fitness center.

Going clubbing

Welcome to college, a place where your life will change forever in ways you can’t imagine. For many of you, welcome to a new city. A bit overwhelming, no? Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Lots of people will have advice for you as a new college student—some of it good, other bits less so.

The college that can’t stop

Portland State, a 49-acre urban campus that bleeds into the surrounding metropolis, sits nestled in the heart of downtown. Blurring the boundaries between school and city, PSU is more than buildings of bricks and mortar: It is a product of community birthed in conflict and tempered in challenge. From humble beginnings to sprawling urban university, PSU’s roots reach back through decades of opposition, beginning with a world at war.

Living situation

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Welcome Explorers!

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Arts & Culture

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