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College can be intimidating for new students, especially those unfamiliar with their community.

Luckily, Portland State supports a wide variety of student-run groups that give students the opportunity to gather and socialize outside of the classroom. Joining a student group can be a great way to make friends, rally for a cause and participate in the PSU community.

Here are a few groups new students might want to take a look at.

The Associated Students of Portland State University is the PSU student government. They advocate for change university-wide and have also rallied for legislative change at the state level. Students interested in government, social change and student advocacy can stop by the ASPSU office, located on the first floor of Smith Memorial Student Union.

Portland is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the U.S. Learn proper cycling techniques and safety by joining PSU’s Cycling Club. The club organizes group cycling trips, giving students a chance to socialize in a healthy and productive manner. Bring your helmet!

Multicultural student associations
The metropolitan atmosphere of Portland attracts students from all over the world. Students who want to connect with others of similar cultural backgrounds can join a variety of student associations at PSU, including the Chinese, Cambodian, Indian, German, Korean, Somali and Vietnamese student associations.
These groups often hold events—such as the Korean Student Association’s “Korea Night”—that provide a way for students to learn about other cultures.

Do you like to argue? Are you a cunning linguist? Put that silver tongue to use by trying out for PSU’s debate team! The team often travels across the nation to compete, making it a great way to connect with other students nationally. Debate is also a great way to develop your speaking and writing skills, and it looks good on a resume.

It’s time for your close-up! Learn what it takes to make your own television show by checking out PSU TV, the student-run television station on campus. The group films events and sports games, giving you an inside look at what goes on at PSU. Get a shot at serving your community by providing it with news and events involving the PSU campus.

Check out for a list of PSU student groups.

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