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Soccer intramurals is just one way
Intramural showdown: The Imperial FC play C. Eastwd at Stott Field on Sunday, May 20. Intramural soccer is a great way to meet people outside of class and stay in shape. Drew Martig / Vanguard Staff
Intramural showdown: The Imperial FC play C. Eastwd at Stott Field on Sunday, May 20. Intramural soccer is a great way to meet people outside of class and stay in shape.

Soccer intramurals are in the midst of their spring season, but players involved say the benefits of playing continue all year. Intramurals in general are a great way for students to get active on campus, have some fun, and let off steam in the middle of a hectic week. While the intramural season is underway, involved students encourage their fellow classmates to find their own niche at PSU to make the most of their time on campus.

Intramural soccer captain Conor Driscoll and teammate Paul Reardon have been playing intramural soccer since they began their education at Portland State. Both are members of the Taters team, and Driscoll said intramural sports are a great way to stay active on campus. “I can focus better on my studying when I’m also working out and having fun,” he said.

Intramural sports also provide students with an opportunity to meet each other and not talk about academics. Driscoll and Reardon said it’s crucial for students to have fun outside of class, especially on a commuter campus. “It’s a great way to build a community around the university. It just builds solidarity with other students,” Reardon said. “It’s a good way to have fun.”

Portland State currently has three intramural leagues for spring term: kickball, co-ed basketball and outdoor soccer. Both players said that soccer may be the most appealing to international students.

The two players joked there easily could be multiple languages spoken at any given game, which is a unique aspect of the diverse soccer community. The game provides a platform for people from all nationalities and backgrounds to come to together and enjoy quality exercise.

Drew Martig / Vanguard Staff

Intramural soccer is divided into two sections, competitive and recreational; however, Reardon said that both leagues remain pretty non-competitive, jokingly adding that it’s hard to take the game seriously with team names like Taters and Real Portlandia. And the winner of each league only gets a T-shirt and a team picture. It’s mostly a simple way to meet new people, take a mid-week break from school and get involved.

Although it is mid-season for spring intramurals, student who want to get some time on the soccer field are encouraged to attend informal recreation at the Rec Center. Pick-up games are played throughout the day, especially in the evening hours.

If students are looking for off-campus ways to get involved in soccer, the Greater Portland Soccer District is a good place to start. The organization offers opportunities, predominantly for male players, to find a team and play in a league that is suitable to their abilities. See for league information and about upcoming tournaments.

For women looking for summer leagues to get involved with, Northwest United Women Soccer offers team opportunities and helps connect individuals looking to play who do not have a full team. See for more information on their summer schedule.

On campus, Portland State offers a variety of casual ways to be involved in organized sports including intramurals, Group-X activities, club sports and much more. Students interested in getting further involved or wanting to learn more about upcoming opportunities offered by Campus Rec should stop by the intramurals office located on the second floor of the Student Rec Center.


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