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The Vanguard is Hiring for Fall!

Are you a News Junkie?
Can’t get enough of International Events?
A Word Wizard?
Skilled at editing?
Fluent in AP style?

You could be the Vanguard’s next Associate News Editor or International Editor!

Associate News Editor Job Description

Associate News Editor works directly with the News Editor and is responsible for assistance in:

• Generating daily content
• Remaining actively aware of Campus & community issues
• Hiring, training & maintaining staff of news writers
• Strong skills in editing and journalistic news writing

Qualified applicants must be current students enrolled in 6 or more credits with a 2.5 undergrad GPA. Position pays $1900 per term with a time expectation of 20-25 hours/week, with particular emphasis on Monday & Friday availability.

To apply for Associate News Editor, complete an application below and submit a cover letter to Vanguard Editor-in-Chief Colleen Leary at [email protected] and Managing Editor Molly Ozier at [email protected]

Application closes Sept. 25 at 5 p.m.

International Section Editor Job Description

The International Section Editor is responsible for maintaining the international section of the newspaper. Candidates for the position should demonstrate a strong interest in and knowledge of international affairs, with an emphasis on PSU’s diverse community of international students. The position pays $1,900 per term and requires a time commitment of 15–20 hours/week.

Job Duties:
• Generating and editing weekly content related to international events
• Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of worldwide news and events
• Remaining actively aware of PSU campus and community issues related to international affairs
• Hiring, training and maintaining consistent staff of international writers

To apply for International Editor, complete an application at psuvanguard.com/jobs and submit a cover letter to [email protected] and [email protected] by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29.

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