Missing student Kevin Ping found dead

The Ping family is requesting videos and photos of Kevin Ping to create a memorial slideshow. Submissions can be sent to [email protected] Photo provided by Karisa Harris-Cleary

Missing Portland State student Kevin Ping was found dead Thursday evening in McMinnville, ­Oregon.

The 21 year old left his Beaverton home on Oct. 28. Friends reported Ping missing to police on Oct. 29, concerned that he may be of harm to himself.

“Our family truly appreciates the outpouring of ­support and love from all of Kevin’s friends, our family friends, and the ­community,” the Ping family wrote in a statement on Facebook. “No words can describe our thankfulness and gratitude toward everyone during this ­sorrowful time.”

The Ping family is ­organizing a slideshow in memory of Kevin.

Any photographs of ­videos of him can be sent to [email protected]


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