Yoga: getting healthy with inner peace

corinna scott/VANGUARD STAFF

Students enjoy a yoga class at the Academic and Student Rec Center. Multiple classes are offered each week, encompassing gentle yoga, Hatha yoga, Power Vinyasa yoga and Vinyasa-Yin yoga.

Yoga is an activity that can center your entire day. Whether you are interested in an intense strength session or a long, relaxing session, the Academic and Student Rec Center has you covered. Many different styles of yoga are offered there, from a variety of certified instructors who are passionate about yoga and its contribution to a person’s well-being.

One of the yoga options on campus is gentle yoga, a beginner’s class that eases into yoga at a slower pace. Hatha yoga is also offered. Hatha is a more active yoga that helps strengthen both mind and body. Then there is Power Vinyasa yoga, which has a strong flow of sequences that help release tension and connect the mind and body while strengthening and improving stamina and flexibility. Finally, Vinyasa-Yin yoga fusion uses props and warrior poses while building heat off sun salutation flows.

Another option for any level of experience is Yoga on Yamhill, located at 124 SW Yamhill St. Yoga on Yamhill offers a wide variety of yoga classes, including a night owl class. The center was opened by Paul Terrell in 2011 as a donation-based yoga studio. Yoga on Yamhill also offers discounted classes through Groupon, making it student-budget-friendly.

Overall, the yoga experience is one of serenity, inner tranquility and strength development. It is rejuvenating for those in need of a way to center the mind and body and step back from all of life’s stressors. Whatever the motivation, attending a yoga session can fulfill a wide variety of physical, mental and spiritual needs.


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