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3-D Mania at the 5th Ave

The Creature from the Black Lagoon
5Th Avenue Cinema
510 S.W. Hall
Friday and Saturday
7 and 9:30 pm
$2 students
$3 seniors/non-PSU students
$4 general

This weekend, enjoy the thrill and excitement of the 3D masterpiece “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” at the 5th Ave Cinema. This classic film from 1954 is truly one of a kind. The special effects were probably awesome back in the day but now you will have to put on your special “I haven’t seen it all before” hat and remember that this film was made before George Lucas came along with his Industrial Light and Magic. So, before you start lining up for the May release of “Star Wars Episode V: The Attack of the Clones,” see where the creative monster-making artistry of filmmaking got its start.

“The Creature from the Black Lagoon” is a simple story of an Amazon expedition gone horribly awry. The Creature is a 15 million year-old half amphibian half man who just happens to be the last of his species. He hunts the members of the expedition systematically picking them off one by one, until he falls in love with the lone female member of the group.

The poster on the “Trivia from the Creature from the Black Lagoon” Web page created by none other than the man who played the creature himself, Ben Chapman, has the hilarious tag line “Centuries of Passion pent up in his Savage Heart!” [sic]. This Web page is incredible for those three people out there who have the time to take in all the details of this film. Those interested can log on to the page and get more information about this movie than could ever be needed by the average moviegoer.

The highlights listed on the page are incredible. According to the Web site, the “Creature is either the last remnant of a 15 million year-old species, or has itself survived since the Devonian Age. Substantially taller than the average human male, although never accurately measured. Approximately 300 pounds.” Ben informs the reader that this invaluable information came from Universal Studios.

If you think the movie is even half as good as the Web site you are in for a real treat. The Web address is

So strap on your 3D glasses and go out to the movies.