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3 dismissed senators reinstated

Three senators that had been dismissed in October from the ASPSU senate returned to duty Wednesday.

Some senators were visibly upset when Justice McPherson, Shariyar Smith and Josh Morris took their seats for the meeting.

The three senators were reinstated after the Evaluation and Constitutional Review Committee (E&CR) ruled that their dismissals had been in breach of the ASPSU constitution.

“This whole issue has been rather confusing for everyone,” McPherson said, adding that he was glad to be back serving on the senate. He also hopes that such dismissals will not be repeated in the future.

In other business, the senate voted 16 to 1 that they are in support the faculty senate’s Nov. 4 resolution toward protecting students’ peaceful political work.

The faculty senate resolution aims to keep nonpartisan political activism from being unjustly linked to terrorism.

The elections committee also informed the senate that the ASPSU elections will be held in March, approximately one month earlier than last year’s elections.

The senate unanimously approved the election dates for March 12, 13 and 14. The candidate application deadline is currently Feb. 12, and any interested students can pick up an application in the ASPSU office.

There will also be an orientation held on either Feb. 12 or 19 for all applicants, senator and election committee chair, Crystal Steinmueller said.

Sen. Dimitris Desyllas made a motion to activate the recently approved senate job description.

“We should use it ourselves, not just impose it on next year’s senators,” Desyllas said.

The revised job description was originally intended for implementation next year.

With this in mind, several senators expressed concern that they would not currently be able to meet all of the requirements that the revised job description called for.

Debates over the job description went on briefly, however no motion was passed.

Sen. Pollyanne Birge also brought to the senate’s attention, the upcoming “Meet Your Senator” lunch, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 19.

Interested students should to pick up a ticket from the ASPSU office ahead of time. The ticket provides entry to the event, held at the Food For Thought Caf퀌�, and a free lunch.

The event will allow students to get to know the senators more personally, as well allow senators to hear what students have to say.

“(The event) doesn’t attach any political ideology,” Birge said. “Everyone’s welcome.”

Before adjourning, Desyllas proposed the idea of making a banner that reiterates the senate’s support of peace, regarding possible war with Iraq.