Courtesy of Dana Townsend

Alien 51

The public has been aware that Area 51 is no longer a conspiracy but in fact a real place located in southern Nevada since the United States government officially acknowledged its existence in 2013.

According to a leaked CIA document, Area 51 has only ever been used to research and develop air crafts, and the most suspicious thing is its headquarters for the secret Cold War operation known as Oxcart

Oxcart led to the development of the A-15 aircraft, which was then commonly used in Cold War conflicts throughout the 20th century. Area 51 has also been where the U-2 and the F-117 Nighthawk were created—at least according to government reports.

Despite the government’s acknowledgement of Area 51 in 2013, it continues to be central to many conspiracy theories. One theory claims the 1969 moon landing was staged at Area 51 and never actually happened. 

Among the most popular, however, is the theory that Area 51 is actually the site where an alien spaceship crash-landed in 1947. Allegedly, the government has been researching this spacecraft and the aliens themselves ever since. 

The Alien-Area 51 theory, while existing since the ‘40s, grew in popularity when a man claimed to have been a researcher at Area 51 and saw the alleged alien spacecraft in the ‘80s. 

There were a significant number of alleged unidentified flying object, UFO, sighting in the ‘60s and ‘70s, which only encouraged the popularity of the Alien spacecraft theory. According to the leaked CIA report and more recent government statements, however, the UFOs were nothing more than test-flights of the Project Oxcart’s new aircrafts, at least according to the U.S. government.

Today, Area 51 continues to be central to the extraterrestrial conspiracy world, and 2 million Facebook users signed up to raid the military base in search of alien life in September 2019. Government authorities have called the proposed raid “dangerous,” which has done nothing but encourage the alien conspiracy theorists of the U.S. The event is called “Storm Area 51―They Can’t Stop All Of Us.” It is unknown how many people will truly show up or what they will find at this alleged alien military base.