Are pickup lines still used?

A simple project to find pickup lines turns up mostly empty

Jamon Sin/PSU Vanguard

Do you ever wonder if pick up lines are still a thing? Do they even work?

I took a couple hours and walked around campus to ask students what pickup lines would actually work on them. I found out most were too uncomfortable to answer the question or simply had no response.

Kamiko, one of the students interviewed, said that a request for a coffee date is much better than any pickup line Jamon Sin/Portland State Vanguard

When I was fortunate enough to receive a response, it took interviewees a good minute to put their thoughts together. A common reaction was, “I don’t even remember the last time I heard one in person.”

With the growing trend of online dating and application use, some wonder what will happen with face-to-face interactions moving forward.

Many students simply advise to never use pickup lines in any shape or form. Rather, knowing who you are as an individual and being comfortable with expressing yourself authentically is key. We are attracted to uniqueness and individuality—embrace it.