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Arts briefs

The Producers

Portland Opera

1515 S.W. Morrison

Tickets: $31-$71

The award-winning Mel Brooks musical “The Producers” is the story of Max Bialystock, a down-on-his-luck theatrical producer, and mousy accountant Leo Bloom. With a “get rich” scheme, the two devise a plan to raise more money than they need for a sure-fire Broadway flop and will pocket the difference. “Springtime for Hitler” is the musical theatrical fiasco that’s sure to rake in the millions. Be sure to get tickets early for this February-scheduled performance. They will sell out quickly!

Disjecta Gallery

116 N.E. Russell


[email protected]

Disjecta Gallery, a multimedia and visual arts space that has produced more than 60 intermedia and visual arts shows over the past two years, is looking for interns. Volunteers are needed to fill the positions of gallery assistant (coordinating visual arts shows, creating and disseminating press releases, etc.), events coordinator (scheduling and overseeing calendar, interacting with performers and press, etc.) and graphic designer (designing postcards, flyers etc.). Interns can expect a minimum-impact workload completely designed to introduce them to the concepts of promoting and supporting art, directing a gallery and managing events. Contact Bryan Suereth for more information.

Longview Stageworks

1231 Vandercook Way

Longview, Wash.


[email protected]