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At the very least, you should vote

With the ASPSU elections just around the bend, we fear that a disturbing tradition may soon visit the PSU campus again – low voter turnout. The method of voting changed during the last two years, from paper ballot to online voting, but the results remained the same.

During the last two years approximately 1000 people voted in each spring election. This number may amount to no more than the candidates and their friends. This is out of a student population of over 21,000. Considering the impact of these elections on all aspects of student life, including the distribution of approximately $11 million in student fees, we are stunned that more students do not vote.

Stop to consider the consequences. From the ASPSU presidency on down, these students decide the solutions to problems concerning the totality of the student body. This year alone, ASPSU members rallied in Salem to oppose tuition hikes, fought for a moratorium on credit card vendors, began forming a dental insurance plan and stepped in to prevent the faculty senate from raising the minimum GPA to 3.0.

A majority, not a minority vote, should choose student leaders. A majority of students should decide the outcome of these elections, considering their substantial impact on every student. We urge every student to break with tradition and vote this year. Your vote is necessary in this worthwhile process.

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ASPSU Elections

April 16,17,18

Vote ONLINE at (access your ballot through the registration page), or at ballot boxes around campus. Check with ASPSU for more information.