Hill to Hall Oct. 21–25

Oct. 21: Gov. Brown responds to national executive order, says Oregon will accept refugees In response to a recent executive order signed by President Donald Trump, Oregon Governor Kate Brown…

Hill to Hall Oct. 14–18

Oct. 14: Petitions to recall Governor fail to submit necessary number of signatures  Two petitions, both with the goal of putting the recall of Oregon Governor Kate Brown on the…

Hill to Hall Oct. 7–11

Oct. 7: Supreme Court hears case on non-unanimous juries The United States Supreme Court heard arguments on Louisiana v Ramos, a case which questions a state’s usage on non-unanimous juries….

Hill to Hall Oct. 1–4

Oct. 1: Portland institutes new plastic policy  Portland restaurants are no longer allowed to offer single-use plastics—including plastic straws, stirrers and utensils—unless a customer asks for them. The policy applies…

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