Body by YouTube

It’s cold, it’s almost time for midterms and Netflix keeps sucking us in with more original series. Maybe you’ve flopped on your New Year’s resolutions or perhaps you’ve got your eye on a beach in Mexico for spring break. Luckily for you, lots of people are trying to build their careers as personal training celebrities, giving you access to loads of free videos online. When you actually want to exercise instead of wasting time searching for ideas online, consult this list of quick workouts that you can do at home.

In the mood for a quickie?
10-minute Abs without Crunches from Popsugar Fitness: Running clock helps you countdown the seconds until freedom. (10 min)
10-minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout from TiffanyRotheWorkouts: Why waist the opportunity for a good booty shake? (10 min)
5-Minute Fat-Blasting Bodyweight Workout from Popsugar Fitness: For the people who always use time as an excuse, c’mon, we all know you have five minutes. (5 min)

Stretch your limits:
Post-run Stretch from flexiblewarrioryoga: A post-run stretching routine with a concerningly enthusiastic host. Be wary of those who smile and run. (10 min)
Stretching Song from Have Fun Teaching: I hear that music helps with memory, so if you’ve forgotten how to touch your toes, this is your jam. (3 min)

Feeling crazy? Go insane:
Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps from Shaun T: For the Shaun T enthusiasts who aren’t ready for the total Insanity commitment. Weights required. (25 min)
Insanity Infomercial because sometimes you just need extra motivation. (11 min)

Like using props?
Chair Exercises for Your Core from SparkPeople: A seated abs workout, who said working out required standing? (12 min)
HIIT Total Body Burn Beginners Workout from BeFiT: High-intensity workout, high-definition video, high-tempo beats. (25 min)

Spice things up:
Latin Dance Aerobic Workout from Crunch Fitness: Why not have some salsa with your chips? (71 min)
Become Beyonce Sexy Dance Workout from Popsugar Fitness: Who doesn’t want to be like Bea? (10 min)
Carmen Electra Advanced Aerobic Striptease from Carmen Electra: Nearly an hour to decide whether you’re exercising or auditioning for a new job. (55 min)

Namaste right here at home:
Total Body Yoga Workout with Tim Senesi from Fightmaster Yoga: Tim gives great verbal cues to help yogis of all levels find correct alignment in postures. (30 min)
Advanced Power Yoga from ForeverFit.TV: Transport yourself Down Under with the help of your yogi guide, Nicola. (20 min)
Yoga for Complete Beginners from FreeYoga.TV: Stephen Beitler guides a full-length, beginner-friendly class out of a studio in Long Beach, CA. It’s like you’re almost there. Almost. (60 min)
Chill Out Restorative Yoga from YogaByCandace: Take a chill pill. (15 min)