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Can you feel the love?


I still remember the day I first met you; the time you were hurt, scared and longing for something, someone, but knew nothing of what was to become. I knew then that there was something, but never said anything in fear of our friends or roommates. Time and fate brought us together, but pain keeps us apart. We share each other’s passions, but hate each other’s pasts. What was said cannot not be changed, but what is to become can be decided. Time plays out all things, while people sit and wait.



I do not understand everything on your walls. Maybe I have not had enough time in them. The future looks good for us.

Love, Loraine


I bet you never thought you’d see your name in a fancy college newspaper. Happy Valentines Day.

Love, Rick


I’ve never known someone who is so beautiful in mind, body and soul. You’ve inspired me to do amazing things. Thank you, my angel.



Thank you for everything you’ve given me over the last two years – support, love and guidance. Your influence will forever be held close to my heart.


Hanh Nguyen,

I know that everything isn’t perfect, but remember that no matter what, I love you. Thank you for standing by me through everything, Hanh.

Anh Dang

I want to send a valentine to my loving husband Juan of 11 years, I want him to know I love him very much!

Marcia Anduro

Dear Chris B:

Loving thoughts from your proud Mom on Valentine’s Day! I love you much!



I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. I know you don’t like my name, but hopefully everything works out. =)

Blankety Blank the III

“Pookie Bear” – My Valentine birthday boy!

I will always be by your side, and I’ll love you forever! Muahz!

Tingles – “hones”

Happy Birthday, MOM!!! And the valentine thing, too.


I want to send a valentine to my loving wife Mary of six years. I want her

to know how much I love her!

Jason Pulis


You’ve made me smile
and touched my intrigue
with fingertips of gold.
You’ve seen my green eyes
No, they don’t lie,
My heart’s not cold.
Uncertainty of availability
runs rampant amidst my own morality.
The attraction is penetrable
Heart, mind, body and soul able?
You cannot “show me the way”
without allowing me to take
your hand to where my day
will show what I cannot say.
We could dance around
and not said a word
Let the volumes speak
Listen to what’s been heard.
Pretend “it’s really nothing”
While our denial creates
Our Something.
Happy Love Day!
Im Ntense

You’re very special to me. You make me laugh, sing & hum. I love you, Bambi, and your buns of titanium!

Love your BBB

To: Jesse Millan

Our 1st Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, I LOVE YOU!!

From: Katherine Millan

Misty and baby Eli,

Sweetest Valentine’s Day love to our precious bouncing baby boy and you, my dear. I love you.


I can’t tell you how glad I am to have you to hold on my first valentine’s day. I love you.

Your beebee Girl.

Dearest Mikey …

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cuddle Bunny. I LOVE YOU!


The Vanguard Staff,

You guys rock! Thanks so much for the incredibly hard work you put into this newspaper every day and the love you bring to the office!!!

The Editrixx