Crack team Left to right: Graphic designers Kelsey Chapman and Jessica Lund, call center specialist Vanessa Eldrige and creative project manager Erynn Fearn are all current or former PSU students working for Audigy Group in Vancouver, Wash.

Careers in the arts

Tomorrow’s All Majors Career Fair to offer booths for the cultured, the creative and the curious
At a loss for ideas of what career to pursue post-graduation? Be sure to attend Portland State’s 24th annual All Majors Career Fair, taking place tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom.

Building bridges of faith

‘Understanding Islam’ event seeks to raise awareness of the religion’s peaceful side
Islam, the world’s second-largest religion and the third Abrahamic faith tradition to develop, is often a controversial subject in the U.S. But it’s also one about which many Americans may be grossly uninformed, according to Tigard’s Muslim Educational Trust.

Art, torture and religion

Religious scholar to speak on using art as ethical response to violence
Nearly eight years have passed since the shocking Abu Ghraib prison photos surfaced on CBS’s 60 Minutes II and in Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article. The United States Department of Defense subsequently removed 17 of the military perpetrators from duty, and 11 soldiers were convicted by court martial and dishonorably discharged. Two of the torturers, Specialist Lyndie England and her former fiancée, Specialist Charles Graner, were sentenced to a combined 13 years in prison for their actions at the military prison in Iraq.

Multiracial meditations

PSU panel to discuss growing up biracial in context of novel The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
How does one begin to discuss the experience of belonging to more than one “race”? “It’s really up to the participants,” said Dr. Maude Hines, organizer of the Portland State and Multnomah County Libraries’ 2012 Everybody Reads project, which will hold a panel discussion titled “Growing Up Biracial” Thursday, Feb. 16, at the university’s Millar Library.

Park Ave Trio plays Portland State

PSU professor George Colligan to jam with jazz troupe
The Park Ave Trio will play Portland State’s Lincoln Recital Hall Thursday, Feb. 16. Just another jazz show, you say? Wrong for two reasons. One: A Portland State professor will be on hand to tickle the ivories. Two: This professor happens to be a world-class jazz pianist.

Nutella kiss cookies

A homey, intimate recipe to capture someone’s heart through their stomach
When you celebrate Valentine’s Day, show your special someone you love him or her through the magic of delicious food.
Misfortune cookie: Resolution(s) curator J.P. Huckins gives a presentation of controversial contemporary art.

Provocative art or hate speech?

Littman Gallery’s Resolution(s) exhibit, “Fortune Cookie,” ignites heated debate about use of slurs in art exhibitions
When a multi-artist show titled Resolution(s) went up in Portland State’s Littman Gallery Thursday, Jan. 12, the show and its artists unintentionally triggered issues not uncommon in the art world: taboo subjects and the possibility of censorship.

The big opening!

PSU’s Women’s Resource Center presents Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues
Comedienne Tina Fey probably said it best in her 2011 autobiography, Bossypants: “To this day, all I know is there are between two and four openings down there and that the setup inside looks vaguely like the Texas Longhorns logo.”

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year Culture Fair hopes to educate and entertain
What do the words “Happy New Year” mean to you? Not every culture rings in calendar change with “Auld Lang Syne,” champagne and resolutions. On Saturday, Feb. 11, the Confucius Institute at Portland State, the Portland Chinese Times and the Portland Art and Cultural Center will present the 2012 Chinese New Year Culture Fair at the Oregon Convention Center.

Romantic dynamics in modern Iran

Middle East Studies Center to screen Iranian film 20 Fingers

Mania Akbar’s 2004 film, 20 Fingers, is obsessed with motion. In only 72 minutes, viewers are transported along with the main characters via car, boat, train, gondola-style ski lift, moped and yet another car, for good measure.

Love stories for adults

Portland Story Theater keeps oral traditions alive with Valentine’s Day production, Kiss & Tell
Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard want to make it clear that they tell stories not just for entertainment, but to foster deeper human connections as well. The goal of Portland Story Theater is, in Duddy’s words, to “give people an opportunity to break down barriers and be completely real with each other.”


Disaster hits Indonesia


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