Performers Julio Escarce, Leif Schmit, Richard Cohn-Lee, Irina Lavrinenko, Yulia Paradnaya, Christie Zhao, Desiree Roy and Olga Kravtsova rehearsing Heart of Stone at a workshopping session in Portland, OR. Courtesy of Jason Okamoto/Fool House Art Collective

Witness a fusion of theater and dance at Heart of Stone

When longtime friends and artists Olga Kravtsova and Alisher Khasanov decided to produce the theatrical dance performance that would become Heart of Stone, they knew they wanted to create something…

The Room

The Room is a 2003 cult classic film written, produced and directed by Tommy Wiseau that follows a successful banker named Johnny (Wiseau) after his fiancé Lisa (Juliette Danielle) cheats…

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