ASPSU gears up for fall term

Staff members launch campaigns and receive training for coming year
ASPSU staff members will be meeting regularly this summer to coordinate the events and campaigns that will take place during the regular school year. The fact that most executive staff positions are replaced over the summer also increases the need for ASPSU members to begin working together before the school year gets started, according to ASPSU officials.

Passage of SB 242 grants freedom to OUS

Bill aims to invest higher education system with more power
The bipartisan SB 242 was recently approved by the State Senate, giving the Oregon University System greater autonomy. The bill will designate OUS as a public entity rather than a state agency.

Institute on Aging presents certificate to Portland

PSU institute is contact for Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities
Alex Lyons, a spry 71-year-old, waited for the MAX train at PSU last Thursday after signing up to audit a linguistics class through the Institute on Aging.

Vietnamese Intel Scholars look ahead

All 28 students in Intel program graduate with honors, return to Vietnam
When Huong Ha was 12 years old, she’d play with electronic devices instead of modeling her mother’s dresses. She broke her father’s new watch while trying to disassemble it. “I was like a boy growing up,” Ha said, “I would put nails into walls.”

ASPSU president-elect addresses prior arrest at press conference

ASPSU president-elect Adam Rahmlow held a press conference yesterday at noon in the Smith Memorial Student Union's Browsing Lounge to address Friday's Vanguard article detailing his arrest last summer and the charges attending them.

Prior arrest surfaces for ASPSU president-elect

Details emerge about incident that took place while Adam Rahmlow served in ASPSU
ASPSU president-elect Adam Rahmlow was arrested outside of the Dixie Tavern last summer, according to Portland Police Bureau reports. He was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest and attempted assault of a police officer. A jury convicted Rahmlow of one count of resisting arrest, for which he served a sentence of three days in Multnomah County Jail. He was acquitted of all other charges.

Is Portland prepared for peak oil?

Jim Jackson, adjunct professor of geology at Portland State, delivered a lecture last month for the Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences titled "Peak Oil: All Geology is Local," which covered the history and future of oil production, the many estimates of how much oil remains and the fact that global analysis of these issues has little to do with how a country's energy policy is actually crafted.

KPSU launches new website

After Portland State's student-run radio station, KPSU, lost its AM signal last summer, the station's website suddenly became the de facto medium for broadcasting beyond campus.

Assessing campus safety

Campus security officers, administrators and students all got a chance to speak their minds about possible changes to the structure of campus safety at a forum last Thursday, as part of an ongoing effort to review the status of safety at PSU.Attendees spoke positively and negatively about possible changes to the Campus Public Safety department, including possibly arming officers with guns or Tasers, and increasing training.


Hill to Hall Dec. 1–7

Arts & Culture

Book pedalers

Laura Moulton stood in front of the art museum next to a cargo bike stuffed with books last month at the Portland...

Events Calendar Dec. 11–17

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