No more SAD face!

Recognizing that the gloomy weather may be getting you down is important, but treating that depression with nutritious food and exercise is necessary and will help to pull you out of the dumps.

The truth about online dating

Ten years ago when one thought of online dating, the image of a hairy man hunched over his computer with a toothy grin came to mind. Today, however, online dating is a hugely popular tool many singles use to meet potential lovers.

Where would we be without porn?

Pornography is a word that everyone knows. In our society, the word “porn” has a taboo following it around, and the subject rarely comes up in everyday discussion. Yet almost every day each of us partakes of something that would not be here were it not for the existence of pornography.

Erectile dysfunction: beyond the bedroom

Though most men would be far from quick to admit it, erectile dysfunction is not just something that happens to men in their 50s and older—quite the contrary, in fact.

We’re all in this together

Contrary to popular belief, the practice of group sex, or orgies, is not reserved for dirty pornos and manly fantasies. In this day and age, it’s likely that more people have at least given group sex some consideration.

Is two (or more) better than one?

In his famous novel The Manuscript Found at Saragossa, Polish Enlightenment figure Count Jan Potocki has one of his characters offer a criticism of chivalry, a practice of medieval origin whereby young noblemen offered homage to a (usually) married noblewoman in an exclusive arrangement.

What turns you on? Students speak out

Valentine’s Day is here, so we’ve asked a group of students at Portland State what turns them on, both physically and emotionally. As it turns out, girls were much more willing to offer insights, which quickly turned this project into an all-female survey.

Herpes 101

The gift that keeps giving. Cat’s tongue. Last-laugh sores. Some even call the herpes simplex virus a life sentence. Two types of HSV exist. Type 1 is a cold sore or fever blister. Type 2 is the usual cause of genital herpes. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can infect either the mouth or genitals.


Why pump weights alone when you could build muscle with a friend? Sex is a great workout, and by implementing a couple of these sexercise tips you can have a sexual experience that is not only better for your body but also more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Tell me how you like it

Some people like it rough, and some people like it really, really kinky. No matter which way you like it, the truth of the matter is that you’re not alone. One look at the diverse array of X-rated material that comprises the $2.9 billion Internet pornography industry will tell you that.


The female orgasm seems to be an unending topic of inconclusive research. Solemn male scientists pop up every so often to let people know about some new discovery regarding women’s climax, only to have another study come out a few years later claiming the opposite.


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