Study spot mainstays

Studying at home or in the library can get a little dull at times, so here are some study spots to break up the monotony.

Library 101

On any college campus, the library can be an incredibly vital resource for students of all ages and majors. If you are new to campus or returning for another year, it is important to know what educational tools the library can provide and exactly how to use them.

Top 20 big words you need in college

Impress your friends! Convince your professor that you have already finished her readings! Here are the top 20 terms you may not know yet that will pop up again and again in your academic career at PSU. The best use of this clip-and-save guide is as a handy “heuristic” (see below) to help you breeze through those articles written by the pretentious researchers your professor hangs out with. You won’t have to grab a dictionary. You’ll leap over these mental hurdles and power through to the Readings Finish Line. Collect all 20 in your head! Trade with friends!

Meet the Campus Public Safety Office

Having the ability to learn, study and grow in a safe environment will be an integral part of your successful college career here at Portland State. To that end, PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office is constantly striving to maintain the utmost level of safety and security on campus.

SHAC 101

For many Portland State students, investigating the Center for Student Health and Counseling, and the details of the Student Health Insurance Plan, may feel a bit cumbersome—especially when faced with the demands of coursework and other life issues. But just like obtaining a good grade in class, knowing how to make best use of your health services requires doing some homework.

Student Government 101

The Associated Students of Portland State University,the student government body of PSU, is composed of three main branches: the student senate, the judicial review board and the executive branch.

Shopping guide

You’re moving into your new place on campus, and the last thing on your mind is where you’re going to buy shampoo and garbage bags. Let us save you a frantic Google search when you discover you’re out of toilet paper by providing you a list of places near campus to purchase everyday items at reasonable costs.

Making ‘cents of college

Your first year in college is an exciting time, filled with promises of brain-expanding lectures, endless possibilities and (for some) light intoxication. Becoming a freshman is also a major transition into the beginning of real adult responsibility and financial burden.

Resource centers on campus

Advising and Career Services University Services Building, room 402 503-725-4005 [email protected] African American Support Services Diversity and Multicultural Student Services Smith Memorial Student Union, room 425 503-725-4457 Disability Resource Center SMSU, room 116 503-725-4150 [email protected] Diversity...

These boots were made for walking

Biking One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get around Portland is by bike, and, luckily, the city has the infrastructure to support it....

Top 10 Perfectly Portland Places

Every city has character. Everyone knows Portland for its plethora of mostly odd entertainment options mixed with Mother Nature and a dash of nerdcore. Here’s a list of parks and businesses, both nationally known and obscure, that put a face on Portland’s zany flavor.


Arts & Culture

Shadow of Demons: from Africa to Afru Gallery

In a nondescript industrial building in Buckman, demons, flesh-eating beasts and frightening human faces cover the walls, painted in vibrant colors on canvases made...

A Mercurial muse

Events Calendar Nov. 13–19



The discrimination administration has struck again, this time targeting transgender and LGBTQ+ rights. A memo leaked by The New York Times reported the Trump administration...