Intramural Sports

Many students leave behind their athletic aspirations when they begin college. It’s understandable—your papers are due, your part-time job eats up your weekends—but you don’t have to quit playing sports.

Downtown mainstays

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and explore my citySo you’re new here. That’s cool. Welcome. At this point, you may be unfamiliar with...

Local arts, culture & entertainment

A starter list of cultural mainstays on or near campusPortland hosts a variety of arts and cultural events throughout the year, and many of...

Stretch that dollar

Make the most out of student discounts Everyone loves a good deal. But students, who often have to reconcile low funds and pricey school fees,...

Tips for living off campus

Freshman year, the dorms can be exciting—a great way to make friends and adjust to living away from home. Surrounded by peers riding a similar freedom high, students get a new sense of community and what it means to be in college.

We started from nothing

From its humble beginnings as an extension center, educating primarily World War II veterans in an abandoned shipyard housing project, Portland State has survived everything from legislative resistance to floods and riots in its climb to its present state of being.

Get out of the dorm

Best places to study on and around campus
If you don’t want to spend your school year sitting on a lumpy bed, computer propped on your lap, trying to study as your roommates blast their horrible music, there are a plethora of other options—you just have to know about them! There’s nothing better than finding the study spot that’s perfect for you, so here are some suggestions.

Clubs Galore

College can be intimidating for new students, especially those unfamiliar with their community. Luckily, Portland State supports a wide variety of student-run groups that give students the opportunity to gather and socialize outside of the classroom. Joining a student group can be a great way to make friends, rally for a cause and participate in the PSU community.

A helping hand

Campus resources available to students
College is tough enough when you’re on your own. That’s why Portland State has resources to assist you throughout your journey. If it’s getting help with writing or academic advising, being exposed to the rich cultural diversity of PSU or getting help when times are tough, these people can help you when it counts most.

Bong hits and BIO 101: Surviving your freshman year

Tips and Tricks to ease the wayAfter 13 first days of school, hundreds of thousands of sheets of wide-ruled notebook paper and several million...

ASPSU for dummies

A newcomer’s guide to PSU student governmentMany students’ initial encounters with the Associated Students of Portland State University are at tabling events outside Smith...


Arts & Culture

Zoinks, Scoob!

Ah, autumn—the time of year when our collective thoughts turn to…horror? Whether you’re a horror nut or a theater nerd, look no further than...

Finally rich


Portland State allowed a rapist to go unpunished and nearly ruined...

By Eden Paul I was raped and assaulted, then forced to participate in a process that tried to steal my dignity and resulted in Post-Traumatic...