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Changing your life, one vote at a time

In case you hadn’t noticed, we still technically live in a democracy.

This means you all have a responsibility to fulfill. Each and every one of you MUST educate yourself on the issues that concern your city, state and nation, and then VOTE for what you feel is the best plan of action by Nov. 5.

I know what you’re saying, you’re saying, “That sounds too much like thinking, and I sure don’t have time for that. I’m too busy testing out my new Play Station game.”

Well, there is an easier way: It’s called despotism. Despotism doesn’t require you to make any hard decisions on things like whether or not genetically modified foods should be labeled, or whether or not you should receive medical insurance. Despotism makes the difficult “freedom of choice” aspect of our society obsolete.

Do you like this idea? Then you can make me your despot, or dictator, and I’ll put you all to work assembling blunt objects that I will then instruct you all to throw at my enemies. I’ll even let you keep the Play Station.

What’s that you say? You don’t like this idea? Well, that means you need to get out there and vote. There are many measures coming up on this ballot that should affect you deeply. Should the minimum wage in Oregon be raised? Should Oregonians receive free health care? Should genetically modified foods be labeled? Should 18-year-olds be allowed to run for state Legislature? (Imagine graduating high school, and instead of going to college, earning the respect of the entire state and then going on to make LAWS for them! Do you like that idea?)

The list of exciting ballot measures goes on and on: Should we remove racial references from our state constitution? Should the state pay for seismic rehabilitation of public educational buildings? Should we allow licensed denturists to install partial dentures? That’s right: dentures. And you thought democracy was boring.

Well, it’s not. Democracy is the only thing that is keeping the voice of the individual alive today. Without it, all of our opinions would be drowned out by the latest Pepsi commercial or Britney Spears video. Are these things that you want people to see as representative of your generation?

If not, I urge you to vote and have your voice heard. Young people hold the power to change our world; we just lack the experience to go about doing it.

Your experience starts here. Please vote by Nov. 5. There will be a drop box located in Smith Memorial Student Union in Rm. 116 near the information desk.

Anthony Prato,

sophomore history major