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Check out the calender on page 4 for a small sample of local revelrie, some haunted houses, and scary theatrical events.

Too broke to party? Lonely? Seeking revenge? We’ve compiled a few handy spells that may solve your problems, page 6.

Don’t forget the pumpkins.

Find out about the Beta Band’s love for lo-fi videos, tea and biscuits on page 5. They come kilt free rom Scotland with love to play the B-Complex Nov. 1.

Channeling great rock of the ages and childhood acting skills, the Vespertines are one of Portland’s great local bands. For Halloween this year they become the great 80’s band the Cars, (Halloween at the Blackbird.)

Don’t forget our weekly special: “The starving students spoon, saloon and slotted spoon,” on page 7, and the lowdown on yet another great local band, Jonah.