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Runaway intercepted

When your friends are feeling pain

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Alert students from Upward Bound brought campus officers to Peter Stott Center July 25, where they took a widely-sought runaway juvenile into custody.

The 15-year-old girl, who was said to need surgery for a potentially life-threatening condition, had been missing since July 15. The Skanner, a community newspaper, ran her picture and description in its July 24 issue.

The Outward Bound students recognized the girl in the Park Blocks in the early afternoon and followed her to the Stott Center, meanwhile informing Campus Public Safety. Officers met the girl at 2:30 p.m. as she watched a racquetball game. She was transported to the juvenile detention center.

Purloined property

For the third time in recent weeks, another map hanging on the wall near room 417 of Cramer Hall was taken. It was valued at $50, as were the others. The theft occurred about 4 p.m. July 26.

Some time between June 24 and July 21 a laptop computer and mouse were taken from an unattended office on the second floor of Smith Memorial Center. The computer had been placed next to a copy machine. The value was $1,449.95.

Another laptop computer was taken from a second floor office in the University Services building some time in July. It was valued at $1,700.

A Moab model Schwinn bicycle disappeared from a bike rack next to Cramer Hall about 10:30 a.m. July 31. The lock had apparently been cut. The value was $925.

Thieves made off with three purses left in Helen Gordon Child Development Center while a fire drill was in progress at 3:15 p.m. July 31. Total loss was estimated at $316.

A coin-operated copy machine on the third floor of Neuberger hall yielded its coin box to a thief some time in July. The loss was estimated at $100.

Disgruntled caller

An unknown person made a telephone threat to an office in East hall at 9:40 a.m. August 1. The recipient told Campus Public Safety the voice sounded like that of a former faculty member whose contract was not renewed in 2001.

A resident of the Adeline apartments reported a wallet extracted from his pants pocket some time in the afternoon of August 5. He noticed the loss when he dressed to depart the apartment.

Escape thwarted

When Terry Lee Andreassen, 44, was attempting to evade officers, he dropped a needle containing a substance believed to be methamphetamine. Officers had responded to reports of a man masturbating in the bushes near the Honors Program building.

The incident occurred at 8 a.m. August 2. When Andreassen attempted to run, officers grabbed him and the syringe popped out of his pocket. He was cited for drug possession and released.

Expensive damage

Thieves got nothing from a vehicle broken into August 5, but damage to the driver’s side window and wing window was estimated at $1,000.

The damage occurred about 8 p.m. August 5 to an athletic department Volkswagen parked on the third floor of the University Center building parking lot.