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Crime blotter correction

Ondine oddities
In an incident reported to campus police, at about midnight Sept. 22, a female tenant of the Ondine found four male adults known to be students intruding into her room. They propositioned her to have sex.

She told them to leave, but they did not. She went out of her room and locked her door from the outside. She then asked the resident manager for assistance. When they returned to her room, the men had let themselves out and were gone.

On Sept. 24 at 9:30 p.m. campus officers were called by the resident manager of the Ondine for asistance in removing an unwanted male from a female student’s room.

The unwanted man was a student whom the manager had previously asked to leave because of incidents on an earlier date involving inappropriate comments and exposure. The man was not an Ondine tenant and had been told he was not welcome on the premises. Officers issued him a trespass for the Ondine only.