Crime blotter Jan. 23–29

Jan. 23

Property damage
Neuberger Hall
In a fourth-floor unisex restroom, someone attacked the sharps-disposal receptacle in an effort to access used syringes. They were not successful. The restroom was locked and a work order for repair was submitted.

Science One, Stratford Residence Hall, Parkmill Building
Red paint was used to write foul words on each of these Portland State properties. A work order has been submitted.

Jan. 24

Warrant arrest
SW Montgomery Street
Campus Public Safety officers responded to a report of someone suspiciously removing a bicycle from a rack. Officers caught up with the suspect and identified him as having a warrant for trespassing and theft 3. The suspect was cited and released. The bicycle was secured for further inquiry.

Jan. 26

Stolen bike wheel
SW Harrison
The back wheel was stolen from a Specialized Deluxe bike. It has no distinguishing characteristics.

Jan. 27

SW 6th and College
An unknown male made statements to a student, which she believed were for the purpose of scaring her. When she left the scene the male chased her. He is described as white, early 20s, 5-foot-3 to 5-foot-4 tall.

Jan. 28

Misdemeanor warrant
University Center Building
A suspicious person was reported to CPS officers. The person was cited with loitering then released.

Broadway Housing
A student reported that when he vacated the building for a fire alarm he had left his door open. When he returned, he discovered that some items were stolen.

Bike damage
6th Avenue side of Ondine Building
A student reported that when she returned to her bike the front fender was dented, the handlebars were misaligned, and a parking warning was attached to it.

Jan. 29

Parkmill Building
Someone was passed out in the parking lot. American Medical Response personnel revived the individual, who then decided to go to detoxification.