Crime Blotter July 13-July 19

July 13

Trespass II
Branford Price Millar Library
A non-student was “yelling racist comments at the [sic] students” on the west side of the library. Officers David Troppe and Danae Murphy warned him about the hate speech and disorderly conduct. He was arrested for trespassing and sent to the Multnomah County Detention Center where he was held in isolation.

University Pointe Hotel
The Outdoor Program’s trailer was stolen from the dumpster area. Officer Troppe referred the case to the Portland Police Bureau because Campus Public Safety Office is currently unable to take stolen vehicle reports.

Concerned Citizen
A concerned citizen sent an email to CPSO regarding a comment a student left on the “Liberal America” Facebook page. “The screenshot of the comment came off as unsettling and extreme,” according to Officer Murphy, who also stated in the report that “[t]he poster…is extremely anti-gun and is very open with [this] opinion” and that the student doesn’t appear to be a threat.

July 14

Corbett Building
The wire fencing was cut and thieves entered through the garage. A plasma cutter and child’s bike trailer were stolen, according to Officer Peter Ward.

Courtesy Report, Car Prowl
Unknown city street
A non-student flagged down Officer Chris Fischer on Southwest Broadway and Mill Street to report her car had been broken into on the street.

July 15

Car Prowl
Ondine Upper Parking Lot
A non-student’s car was broken into between 8:30 p.m. on July 14 and 8 a.m. on July 15. An emergency kit containing flares, a backpack, yellow safety vest and a multi-tool were stolen, according to Officer Gary Smeltzer.

Park Blocks near Branford Price Millar Library
Officer Ward and Sergeant Robert McCleary found a non-student with a small hatchet or rock pick. It was reported that he was throwing it at trees in the park. He dropped the hatchet when ordered by officers. He was issued an exclusion and left.

July 16

Parking Structure One, Roof
Sergeant Michael Anderson spotted two suspicious people on the roof, in the northeast stairwell. Officers Nichola Higbee and Fischer contacted the two males who reportedly “had just injected both meth and heroin.” One of the individuals had an abscess and said he was going to the hospital. Both individuals were issued exclusions.

Probable Cause for Arrest
Parking Structure Three
Officers Fischer and Higbee saw a previously excluded male talking on a walkie-talkie. “[A] long string with an altered spark plug wrapped in black electrical tape” was attached to his belt. He attempted to run when officers asked him to sit down. He threw the bike at Officer Fischer and ran northbound on Southwest 13th Avenue. Officer Fischer later spoke with a known friend of the individual, who stated the man on the run was responsible for several Portland State car break-ins and that he has been camping nearby.

July 18

Car Prowl
Parking Structure One, First Floor
A student reported a car prowl to Officer Troppe, which occurred between 10:30 p.m. on July 17 and 8:45 a.m. on July 18. Nothing was stolen.

Car Prowl
Parking Structure One, Fourth Floor
A non-student reported that a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a GPS were stolen from his black Nissan Frontier truck between June 28 and July 12.

Unauthorized Entry of Motor Vehicle, Theft
Parking Structure One, Third Floor
A student reported to Officer Higbee that a purse, wallet, chemistry book and some make-up were stolen from her 2011 Nissan.

July 19

Found Ammunition
Shattuck Lot
A non-student showed Officer Troppe a paper bag in the lot that he said was sitting outside the dumpster. The bag contained an orange sock filled with 45 caliber bullets. The bag was taken to the PPB. An area check yielded no firearm.