Crime Blotter: June 12-26

June 12 – 14

Unauthorized Entry of a Motor Vehicle
Parking Structure 3
The rear driver side window of a Portland State student’s car was shattered and a black backpack with gold straps was stolen at an unknown time between the dates. The backpack was reported to contain nothing of value.

June 13

Warrant/Resisting Arrest/Student Conduct
Neuberger Hall
The Campus Public Safety Office was dispatched on a reported drunk student causing a disturbance in the Neuberger lobby. Officers contacted the student and discovered he had a warrant. When officers attempted to take him into custody he resisted and a brief use of force was employed. The student was lodged for the warrant and resisting arrest.

June 15

Theft III
Second Floor SMSU Women’s Restroom
Officer Shawn McKenzie investigated the theft of a laptop power supply from the restroom with no findings. The Student’s power supply was reported stolen at approximately 10 p.m.

June 16

Theft from Motor Vehicle
Parking Structure 1—level six
A PSU student reported that their car’s rear triangle window was broken out, and a brown duffel bag containing earthquake disaster supplies and medications was stolen.

Theft III
Academic and Student Recreation Center
A PSU employee had his PSU ID card and Fitbit watch stolen from his locker. It is suspected that the locker lock was cut while he showered.

June 19

Warrant Arrest
Stephen Epler Hall—bike shed
At around 6:25 a.m. Officers Nichola Higbee and Matthew Masunari contacted non-student Ariyan Ghadiri after a call about a suspicious person dismantling bikes near King Albert Hall. The officers arrested Ghadiri for an unspecified warrant.

Found Property
Southwest 10th Avenue/Southwest Mill Street
CPSO officers stopped Dalan Grissom who was riding a bike while wheeling another beside him. Grissom said the second bike was not his and that he had found it. CPSO confiscated the bike and put it in the Portland Police Bureau’s Central property room.

June 20

Smith Memorial Student Union—third floor
At approximately 8:10 a.m. CPSO officers were dispatched on a report of a transient sleeping in the building. Officers found that the non-student Daniel Preston had a current PSU exclusion. Preston said he was aware of the exclusion, but that a trespass charge was not enough to deter him from trespassing in the building. Preston then promised not to do it again, and officers let him go with a verbal warning and told him that future violations would result in arrest.

Warrant Arrest
Peter Stott Field
Officers contacted a non-student for trespassing on the west side of the Peter Stott Field. The suspicious activity in the area has increased, including narcotic paraphernalia and suspected stolen bicycle parts. The man arrested was on a felony warrant for absconding and lodged at Multnomah County Detention Center.

June 21

Bike Theft
Broadway Housing
A PSU student’s bike and lock that he leased from the PSU Bike Hub was stolen from a bike rack located outside the Broadway Housing Building. The Bike Hub described the Vikebike as a black mountain bike style with green handle bars and chain.

Warrant Arrest
Cramer Hall
Officers were dispatched on a report of an agitated male pacing back and forth on the third floor. They contacted him learning that he was a non-student and had a misdemeanor warrant for interfering with public transportation. He was lodged at MCDC.

June 21

Burglary/ Fraud Use of Credit Card
East Hall
Officer Rominger took a report from a woman whose card carrier containing ID’s and credit cards was stolen from her office. Purchases were made on her credit card at Trimet and Nordstrom Rack.

June 22

Alcohol Violation
Harder House
Officers contacted two non-students on the north side of the PSU Harder House due to having an open container of alcohol. They were left with a verbal warning.

Welfare Check
Harder House
Officers contacted a male non-student on the east side of Harder House for sitting on the steps and slumped forward at the waist. He was lethargic and smelled like alcohol, but appeared capable of caring for himself. A record check after the call found that he had a current PSU exclusion related to heroin.

June 23

Information: Student Followed
Urban Plaza
A woman reported that a male followed her around the Urban Plaza who likely had mental issues. She said that she was talking on the phone when she noticed him staring at her and following her from about 15 feet behind. She reported him as a white male about 22 years old, 5-feet 7-inches, wearing a brown coat with his hood up, black boots and was talking to himself in what sounded like Russian. When he recognized that she was aware of his presence, he left the area.

Trespass Warning
Parking Structure 1
At about 1:18 p.m. officers contacted non-student while she was loitering on the fifth level of the northwest stairwell. There was a call earlier in the week about a suspicious person loitering at the same location. She stated that she was homeless and just wanted a quiet place to sit. The officer told her that she had resources available and explained that she could not trespass in the parking structures.

June 23

ODOT Property
Officers contacted the campers on the ODOT property regarding a complaint that a power extension cord had been run from Hoffman Hall to their camp. Though the campers denied the allegation, they were cautioned that such behavior could result in theft-of-service charges.

Theft from Vehicle
Parking Structure Three
A white Honda Civic parked on east wall of level one was broken into using a black lug nut wrench between Wednesday 10 p.m. and Thursday 8 a.m. The trim was pried out of the front passenger door and the window was shattered. Various charging cables, an Insignia Bluetooth speaker/power block and the insurance card were stolen. The owner is a recent PSU student. The Wrench was seized and booked as evidence.

June 26

Welfare Check
Near Cramer Hall
At about 10:30 a.m., officers contacted a non-student who was agitated and distraught for not being able to sleep claiming that he was sleepwalking. He was also upset because he said that he had autism and claimed that there were no available resources. Initially, he attempted to climb into the back of the officers’’ vehicle and demanded transportation to the library or the Cascadia Walk-In Clinic in Southeast Portland. They were able to deescalate the situation and obtain additional information in order to help find him resources. They contacted Project Respond who talked to him directly to explain the available resources.

June 26

Public Indecency
Cramer Hall
Officer David Troppe was approached by a PSU student claiming that she had just seen a male masturbating on the first floor in the west side window of Cramer Hall. Officers David Baker and Troppe conducted a full walkthrough of the building but were unable to locate anyone of interest. The male was described as white, tall, skinny, wearing a blue hoodie pulled up over his head and blue jeans.