Crime blotter March 9–12


March 9



Around 10:30 p.m. at Lincoln Hall, a mirror was found damaged in the restroom. Vandalizer potentially has seven years of bad luck.


Drug Law Violation Referral

Residence staff reported and referred two students who were under the legal age and in possession of “reefer.” The report and referral occurred at Broadway Residence Hall at 12:22 a.m.


March 10



Around 11:58 a.m., Campus Public Safety officers responded to graffiti. It was unclear in the report how CPSO felt about it.


March 11



At 9:45 CPSO responded to a shoplift. The shoplift occurred around 9:40 a.m.


Mar. 12



Around 4:30 p.m. a non-student reported property taken. The incident occurred at the Karl Miller Center.


Attempted Theft

A PSU employee reported a non-student attempted to take a lanyard. The attempted theft occurred at Harder House around 5 a.m.