Crime Blotter: May 9-22

May 9
Suspicious Behavior/Student of Concern
Lincoln Hall
At about 11:30 a.m. CPSO officers made contact with an individual appearing to be under the influence of narcotics and/or alcohol after a student complained he had disrupted their practice in the music rehearsal room on the first floor of Lincoln Hall. The individual is not a music major and should not have the access code to enter the practice room. A report would be formed regarding the contact and for his actions.

May 10
Trespass Warning
Native American Resource Center
A approximately 10 a.m. officers were dispatched on a complaint of a person camping on the east side of the PSU Native American Student and Community Center. Officers contacted the individual who is a current PSU exclusion on file. They were verbally warned not to trespass on PSU property.

May 15
Information – Civil

A PSU student called to file a theft report after his ex-girlfriend refused to return the clothing items. CPSO spoke with the ex-girlfriend who stated that the items were a gift and that she threw the items away.

May 16
Smith Memorial Student Union

Officer Chris Fischer contacted and excluded non-student Greg Burtis for bathing himself in an SMSU restroom. According to Fischer’s report, Burtis argued “I have been using your bathrooms for years and you just now caught me,” before leaving a mess of toilet paper and paper towels along with a soiled sweatshirt. The report did not note which restroom was used for the cleansing.

May 19
Computer theft and Suspicious Behavior
Millar Library

Officer Nichola Higbee took a report from a non-student who reported his Sony laptop missing from the fourth floor after leaving it unattended to use the restroom. The victim described a suspicious male that passed by several times, noting a 6’2” white male with short dark hair wearing dark clothes. A female on the fourth floor also said that two suspicious males passed her several times around 11 p.m. showing interest in her computer activity.

Arrest: Theft 2
Millar Library

Officers Chris Fischer and Shawn McKenzie responded to a bag theft on the library’s fifth floor. Fischer found non-student Ethan Stark sleeping on a desk with multiple bags, one of which matched the description of the stolen bag. Officers arrested Stark on multiple charges, including possession of lost property, “large amount of meth (UP Meth)” and a “spark plug he admitted was used to break windows.”

May 21
Theft I/Fraud

Officer Brian Rominger took a report from two resident students who said they were scammed through a housing ad on They noted that a person identified as Roland Nika requested $1600 for keys for the listed house. Nika disappeared after receiving the money through; the housing ad was also removed.

May 22
Shattuck Hall Eco Garden

While working in the Eco Garden, a professor and students encountered an adult male who was causing anxiety to the class. Officer Peter Ward responded to a call for aid, noting that the subject was aggressive and likely under the influence. The report notes that the subject claimed to be a student but walked away. He was later observed “jumping up and ‘fighting the air.’”