Crime blotter Sept. 25–Oct. 1

Sept. 25

Bike theft attempt results in arrest

Bike Hub Bike Shed

Portland State Campus Public Safety Officer informed all officers of an attempted bike theft taking place. When officers arrived, the suspect was identified by the owner of the bicycle.

After detaining the suspect for attempted theft II, CPSO discovered that the suspect also had two outstanding previous warrants for “dangerous drugs” and failure to register as a sex offender. Suspect was arrested.

Sept. 26

Those are not your pants

Parking Structure 2

A non-student was arrested and excluded after it had been discovered that the suspect had entered at least two vehicles. During the uninvited entry of one vehicle, the suspect had stolen pants which they were wearing when CPSO identified them.

Lethargic driving is reckless

SW 10th and Montgomery

CPSO arrived at the scene to find a tired person slumped behind the wheel of a car at the intersection of SW 10th and Montgomery. After determining the individual was simply lethargic, the officer warned the person that perhaps this was not the best condition to be driving in and let them go with a warning. The person immediately proceeded to drive into the car in front of them and was cited for reckless driving.

Creep in class

On Campus

Student reported that a tall white male with whitish blonde hair and dark eyes in his early 20s had been stalking them. The student saw the creep in the bushes outside their residence, in their gym, and in their class.

Sept. 27

Blood on the ground

Karl Miller Center

CPSO was dispatched to the NE corner of the Karl Miller Center and arrived to find a large amount of blood droplets in front of the building that extended to SW 6th.

Not watching bicycle for a friend

University Pointe

Non-student was identified as having a possibly stolen bicycle. Suspect said they were watching the bike for a friend. They were not watching the bicycle for a friend, the bike was confirmed stolen, and the suspect was arrested on a felony warrant for Theft I. Bicycle was returned to its owner.

Sept. 28

Person doesn’t like construction workers

Shattuck Hall

CPSO dispatched officers to construction areas around Shattuck Hall because a person was harassing construction workers. This person then called from an emergency phone to tell dispatch that construction workers had assaulted them.

The person yelled at the construction workers about how much they hate them and someone pushed someone. CPSO determined no crime was committed.

Green shopper breaks into car

500 Block of SW Harrison St

Around 10:45 p.m. a car had its passenger window smashed and an empty reusable shopping bag was stolen. Case was suspended for lack of leads.

Sept. 29

People are still stealing Jordans

Art Building Parking Lot

Non-student’s vehicle had driver window shattered and a pair black Nike Jordans were missing from their trunk.

Sept. 30

Non-students in the men’s room

Lincoln Hall

Three males were hanging out in the men’s room of Lincoln Hall. CPSO informed two males without previous warrants or exclusions that they would receive exclusions under similar circumstances in the future.

The third male had a warrant from Multnomah County and is a registered predatory sex-offender. He was arrested and taken to Multnomah County Detention Center without incident.

Computer and Hard Drive stolen

Stott Center

Athletics staff member had a locked office with no sign of forced entry. They reported a backpack stolen from the office containing an Apple laptop and portable hard drive.

Oct. 1

Driving into the Park Blocks

Park Blocks

Around 3 a.m., a car travelling the wrong way on Market turned the wrong way on SW 6th then turned onto Mill St. at a high rate of speed, blowing through a yellow light. CPSO followed the vehicle as it proceeded to drive into the Park Blocks.

Upon realizing that it was in a pedestrian walkway the vehicle stopped. Portland Police arrived because the subjects may have been intoxicated. The car’s driver was instructed to take an Uber home.

Just the tips

Panda Kitchen on Broadway

CPSO spoke with the owners of Panda Kitchen who reported $150 in tips and a payroll check were stolen. The check was cancelled. No signs of forced entry were found.