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Cycling hits the streets

Grab your helmets and your water bottles; it’s time to go cycling. Portland Wheelmen Touring Club’s members are already out on the streets and enjoying the weather.

Founded in 1971, the PWTC provides participants with organized rides as well as a place to meet interesting people, according to club member, Bud Rice. The organization boasts over 700 members and is continuously growing.

According to Rice, the PWTC is primarily a recreational cycling club. This makes the organization available to all skill levels, from hard-core riders, to those who just like to ride, to those who are looking to keep in shape.

“(It’s) the healthy lifestyle,” Rice said. “It’s a social outlet. It’s an addictive lifestyle.”

PWTC organizes at least one ride every single day of the year, and even several a day during the warm summer months, along with several night rides. This makes the rides accessible to all members, even those with busy schedules.

According to Rice, PWTC keeps a file of hundreds of different cycling routes. Any member is welcome to use the file to plan a ride and then a time is scheduled and the ride is underway.

Most of the rides are local and don’t exceed 50 miles. But every once in a while, PWTC will organize a several-day event. One of these is the “Ashland Weekend.” Cyclists ride down to Ashland. Members ride during the day, watch Shakespeare plays in the evening and then spend the night in a motel.

Another one of the bigger rides the group does is the “Torture 10,000.” The ride is done at Mt. Hood and takes riders 10,000 feet above sea level.

Membership fee for the club is $35 for the first year and just $25 every year after that. The money is used to organize large get-togethers and other events for members.

For more information about PWTC, contact Rice at 503-666-5796 or visit