Courtesy of Brandon Pahnish

Designated driver Halloween

What to do when everyone is drinking

While Halloween is often seen as just another excuse to get drunk and party with friends, not everyone is 21 years old, and not everyone wants to get black-out wasted on Halloween. So if that’s you this year, here are some things you could do sober and still have fun. Plus side, you’ll actually remember it. 



Discover some scary spirits this Halloween at some of Portland’s haunted spots or go hunting in the forest and see what you can find. Just make sure to bring your flashlight, camera and nerves of steel. 

Beyond Bizarre ghost tour is a good place to start for beginner hunters and can be fun for more seasoned ghost hunters as well. At the beginning of the tour, guests are given professional ghost-hunting equipment and the two-and-a-half-hour tour is led by a professional ghost hunter who teaches guests how to tell the difference between a real haunting and just another hoax. 


Go to a carnival

Grab a couple of friends and have a sober scare at a carnival for Halloween this year. Located at The steep and thorny way to heaven community space on SE 2nd and Hawthorne, the Urban Legends: Hallowe’en Night Carnival goes from 9 p.m. on Halloween night until 2 a.m. on Nov. 1. The carnival is a costume party and a variety show, with a contest for the best costume during the night. 

If the Urban Legends: Hallowe’en Night Carnival doesn’t suit your scary Halloween needs, you could also check out Clark County Scaregrounds for a sober holiday. The Scaregrounds are open until 10 p.m. on Halloween night and feature three creepy haunted houses and amusement rides. Beware though—the Scaregrounds are filled with creatures who scare attendees throughout the night, sometimes following them onto rides. 


Scary Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn and grab the candy because Halloween doesn’t just mean an extra visit to the dentist—it also means the return of some classic horror films. For a cozy (and scary) night in, try Dracula (1931), Psycho (1960), The Shining (1980) or Rosemary’s Baby (1968)—four classic horror movies that will send shivers down your spine. 


Sober Halloween party

Just because Halloween parties typically have alcohol, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to throw one sober! Be sure to invite friends that will stick to the no-alcohol rule though. To make the party more interesting, try having a costume contest or bobbing for apples. Carving pumpkins and having a jack-o-lantern contest is another fun way to (pumpkin) spice up the sober night in.