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Does a bear f*ck in the woods?

Ursine type looking for fellow bears and cubs? Friend of the hairy on a bear hunt? Do you want beard burn? Or maybe you’re someone who just wants to revel in the joy of dancing with the big hairy folks? Here’s your guide to help you in your pursuit of the hirsute!

Rooster Rock (18+)
You gotta ask to find out, but the bears love this place for some reason.
Hours vary by season; Corbett, Oregon
Bear likelihood: ??

Steam (18+)
A sex club for male-identified folks in the 18+ crowd. The clientele ranges from twink to next door neighbor, but bears do frequent. Bonus? If you’re 18–25 you get a discount!
Open 24 hours; 2885 Sandy Blvd.
Bear likelihood: ???

Hawks PDX (18+)
A newish sex club on the Central Eastside and conveniently located by the streetcar. Trans-friendly, bear-friendly (keep an eye out for their Beartown events!). Bear nights every second Saturday, gender fluid nights every Tuesday and all-gender bisexual nights on Sundays. Student discount available.
Open 24 hours; 234 SE Grand Ave.
Bear likelihood: ?????

Eagle PDX (21+)
In most big cities a bar named the “Eagle” usually implies leather, sweat and hair. Portland’s version is no different and offers ample opportunity to get lost in a tangle of hair. This isn’t the Eagle of the kinky bar scene’s heyday, but it offers a good swing at some ass.
2 p.m.–2:30 a.m. Daily; 835 N Lombard St.
Bear likelihood: ????

Stag (21+)
“They have a beardy dude stripping!” my friend texted me one night from Stag, and it’s true—doubly true with the upcoming Bronco parties, surely. Cheap drinks and great ambiance with a Portland flair. In a typical PDX twist you’re pretty likely to make a pickup at one of their weekly brunches hosted by the fab Alexis Campbell Starr.
7 p.m.–2 a.m. Open most nights; 317 NW Broadway
Bear likelihood: ???

Silverado (21+)
“Oh god, oh god, I made a mistake,” I cried into my drink. I was 23 and was stuck at Silverado after getting mesmerized by the strippers and getting left behind by my friends. This was before I had a cell phone, so finding them wasn’t happening. Luckily, a cute daddybear struck up a conversation and the rest is history (in that I don’t know who he was). I hope the same for you if you swing by one of their bear beer busts.
9 a.m.–2:30 a.m. Daily; 318 SW 3rd Ave.
Bear likelihood: ??

Bearracuda (21+)
Dancing bears! Otters! Cubs! And friends! Bearracuda is where you’re pretty likely to find the kind of all night sure thing you’re looking for, if that’s what you’re looking for. Bonus clothing optional space upstairs. This party rolls around a few times a year, so check their website at
9 p.m.–2 a.m. Dates vary; Bossanova Ballroom 722 E. Burnside
Bear likelihood: ?????

Lumbertwink (21+)
The height of Portland is here at this plaid-and-beards party. Photobooths, a discount for wearing plaid just makes it that much better. Also, this is a great place to wear a union suit. Google what that is if you don’t know. For dates see

9 p.m.–2 a.m. Dates vary; Funhouse Lounge 2432 SE. 11th Ave.
Bear likelihood: ????

Oregon Bears (21+)
Portland’s primary bear organization and sponsor and organizer of numerous events around town. Open and welcoming to bears and bear adjacent folks! Membership is 21+ but some events are open to 18+. Check their website at
Bear likelihood: ??????